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Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour who purchased us with His blood. The works on the cross speak victory and freedom over us, however, unrepented sin, especially unrepented sin in our bloodline, and the sin we commit in our daily life gives Satan legal ground to come against us and our family. Because we don't know what our ancestors got up to we must let the Holy Spirit guide us and lead us in our repentance journey with Him. Anger, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, unbelief, fear and negative judgmental and critical thoughts are just an example of the sin Satan accuses us of daily. Revelation 12 :10 says "Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: 'Now have come the salvation & the power & the kingdom of our God, & the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses night and day has been hurled down." From chapter 4 onward, the Book of Revelation speaks of the future, thus until Jesus Christ returns Satan is like a prowling lion seeking to devour us and accuse us before God. As Christians repentance is our most important task to fulfill at this time and set our living bloodline and generations to come, free. MORE INFO



Jesus Christ came to set the captives free, yet Satan is on a mission to set the free captive. God's children are facing the threat of captivity and oppression daily. Recognizing the yokes through Jesus Christ hat burden us, breaks us free! MORE INFO

Sean Manders


Our perspective on life plays a huge role in how we feel about ourselves and our circumstances. A one-sided or limited perspective limits our problems solving skills and can lead to defeatist thinking and behaviour, severely impacting the performance of any person.



Focusing too much on the future or stuck in the past can wreak havoc on our lives and how we perform in areas of work, relationships, family and sport. Your personal best can only be achieved if you are focused on the here and now in Christ. 



In order for any person to achieve what they set out to do, negativity and distractions must be at a minimum. Your attitude toward your relationship with Christ and relationship with others has a crucial impact on how you succeed or fail at life. 



An person's  worst or best ally is their mind. A negative mind set is your worst enemy and will result in you fighting a battle you can't win, stealing valuable energy meant for healthy living. Don't just focus on getting your body healthy, your mind needs nurturing too through your relationship with Christ. 


Sessions available for FREE via WhatsApp video call for international clients. Also for South Africans during lock-down and in person after lock-down if preferred. 


Book a chat with Sean to ascertain if this programme is suited to you. Sean Manders - Transformational Coach - International callers please dial/message +2784 446 1914. South Africa 0844461914   Click here to find our more about Sean. 

Michelle Manders

Services by Michelle

God is GREAT!! He saved me from a life of sin as a New Age group leader and trance voice channel which I professionally served as for 21 years and for 10 years as an astrologer. His mercy and grace are immeasurable! He is CALLING to us in every moment of every day and night. He Has not forgotten us, it is us who forget Him. 

I am beyond grateful for what the Lord has done for me, and as a result I have dedicated my life to serving Him and being of service to His Kingdom and my family in Christ. Thus, I (and my husband, Sean) offer all services for free to those who cannot afford to pay for help and support, or contribute what you can if you feel called to. Let the Lord guide you as how I can be of service to you, if He has led you to this website in answer to your prayers. Enjoy browsing my site and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Faith-Full Merchandise

My online shop is one of the ways you can help support me in continuing my work and providing free services and content. The Lord has blessed the works of my hands by giving me a creative outlet which I LOVE doing and an opportunity for you to enjoy being reminded of His presence, faithfulness and love by surrounding yourself with affirmations of His promises and truths. Wear them, carry them with you, drink from them or sleep on them. Lots to choose from! Click here.

You will also find my range of crocheted items which are handmade by me. All items are made with love and meditating on God's word while I crochet. Enjoy! 

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God is Almighty and NOTHING is

impossible for Him. Rest assured that NOTHING can separate you from His love and that no matter what the enemy tries to convince you of, God is your Father and because of your love for Him, your faithfulness and obedience to Him, He will NEVER abandon you!