Metakoi Ministry

Metakoi Ministry

Metakoi is an ancient  Greek word. It is the plural form of the word metakos, which means “to partake, to partner, to share in.” All people who believe Jesus’ promise of eternal life become sharers, metakoi, in His life which is eternal. In the future Jesus will personally return to rule and reign over earth and all other places. He will share His rule - delegate authority and positions in that kingdom - to His faithful servants. Whilst all believers will be in the Kingdom, only certain ones, the METAKOI, will be partners - co-rulers with King Jesus our Lord and Saviour - The Lion and The Lamb! It is the mission of Metakoi Ministry to be used by our King, Jesus Christ, to raise up metakoi for His glory and their eternal good.

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Exposing New Age Lies

The New Age Religion is the fastest growing and most insidious religion on earth today. This satanic religion and worldview is infiltrating churches, homes and the minds of millions of people. Many are ignorantly opening their lives and their families to the oppressing demonic kingdom by willingly inviting them in through New Age practices that on the surface seem loving, kind and empowering, yet at the core, are satanic. Sadly, most people practicing new age beliefs are not aware of the satanic roots of this religion and, like me once, believe they are serving God. But which god? Satan and his minions masquerade as angels of light deceiving millions with their lies and empty promises. Read my blogs for more about this. 

Even scarier is to witness how fast Christian occultism is growing. This, I believe, is because many professing Christians don't have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and don't know the Word of God. We are living in the end times and Jesus Christ gave clear warnings what this would look like. He warned us clearly not to be deceived by false teachers, prophets and preachers who would introduce doctrines of demons and call what is evil good and good evil. My website is dedicated to exposing these New Age lies and honours what the Lord has called me to do. He has taken what I came to know about Satan's plans during my 25 year walk and use it to expose his demonic agenda to those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear. Take a look at my videos here. 

Feel free to contact me should you like to know more or to arrange speaking engagements to address your church or any related interviews. If you have been saved from this demonic religion, I'd love to hear your testimony. 

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