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We are facing the biggest change in our personal and collective spiritual history on earth. It is evident everywhere that biblical prophecy is being fulfilled and that we as believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth are to focus on our one-on-one relationship with Him and being filled by the Holy Spirit - God's Spirit of Truth. Without this indestructible connection and relationship, we are unable to withstand the fiery arrows of the enemy attacking our soul, in other words, our mind, will and emotions. Our Spiritually Sweet 2020 series offers you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit by going deeper into the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, God's Promises and the Gifts God blesses us with when He created us. Whether you are new to your walk with the Lord or seasoned in your walk, these 3 workshops are designed to refresh, remind and take you deeper into these areas of your walk with the Lord. Click here for more information.  

Women face many challenges daily as we take care of business -family, relationships, work and ourselves. Life is a business. Our spirit and soul often feel dried up by the expectations we place upon ourselves and by the demands made by the people around us. Too often the lack of a spiritual connection or confusion regarding our spiritual lives can leave us feeling empty, overwhelmed and alone. We yearn for support, comfort, guidance and sisterhood and often end up expecting it from people rather than from the Creator of our spirit and soul. 

Restoring our spiritual core becomes the centre of our breakthrough allowing God to sustain our souls, reform and transform us. God is not a religion, He is our Creator and wants us to rest in Him and allow His peace to fill and sustain us. I have been through all of the above and have found the comfort, support and guidance in God. Although things get rough at times, I have experienced and learnt enough to be in a position where I am willing to walk this path with you and with God's help, lead you to your spiritual core where He can renovate the home of your spirit, soul and life. Whether you are a business leader or simply getting on with the business of life, striving to lead the best life you can, be the best mom, friend, and spouse, we need the spiritual guidance of the One who created us. By standing on God's promises together we can breakthrough the barriers of deception, fear and disappointment and rise again, filled with God's love by truly knowing Him and His purpose and plan for our lives. If this describes you, let's talk.

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Sometimes, no matter how much we know, we still need a helping hand!

We live with ourselves every day and often don't see the stumbling blocks before us. At other times we do see them but feel blocked and directionless with little to no idea how to get out of our slump and deal with our feelings. Sometimes a creativity drought or simply the overwhelming demands of modern life can get the better of us and we need someone to listen and give us some wise Holy Spirit filled perspective. Being spiritually healthy doesn't mean we don't have down seasons and need a helping hand to walk with us as we regroup and reconnect with what's important. Sometimes these seasons of change are God's way of reshaping our mind, heart and future, which is when the support of a wise friend becomes invaluable. Sean Manders runs a 9-week Mental Awareness coaching programme that helps you develop the mindset, mental fortitude and psychology to reconnect with life, handle today's stress and manage your personal relationships. Click here to read more about Sean, his journey and how to contact him. Weekly sessions are conducted telephonically on WhatsApp worldwide, or in person in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

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Michelle Manders

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Spiritual Coach, Teacher & Mentor

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Sean Manders

Awareness Coach & Spiritual Coach

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Mateja Jager

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Prayer and Deliverance Warrior in Slovenia


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