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I am delighted to share with you one of Beth Moore's awesome courses - Breaking Free!
I have taken the course and with the hand of the Holy Spirit and what the Lord led Beth to write in this course I have experienced a number of "aha" moments and certainly freedom from captivity in areas I didn't realize were in bondage.
Jesus Christ saves, the Holy Spirit comforts, teaches and guides us and our Almighty Abba, Father, forgives us. If you are ready to break free from strongholds ruling you and your life then this course will make the difference you're seeking. 
If you've been praying to the Lord to show you a way to be set free then this is your answer and He will hold your hand through this, all the way! 
Be prepared to allow the Lord to show you what is holding you back, and be prepared to be set free through Him!
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Satan is the enemy of God, and because we are created in His image, he hates us just as much. He seeks to steal, kill and destroy our joy, peace, health, finances, relationships, children and all the dreams, desires and destiny God pre-ordained us to live out. Unrepented sin gives the enemy legal ground to come against us and our bloodline and keep the wheel of pain and destruction turning. However, this need not be the fate of the rest of your life. When we come before God in the Heavenly Courtroom and repent for every sin we and our bloodline committed, Jesus Christ stands in our defense, His blood speaks for us, God forgives us, nails the accusations to the cross and silences the mouth of the enemy. Although we don't know everything our ancestors got up to, the Holy Spirit leads us and reveals to us what must be repented of on behalf of ourselves and our bloodline. In other words, we intercede for our bloodline. Once we have repented and God has issued His verdict it is enforced in the natural world and breakthrough from bondage is experienced. Curses are lifted and through Jesus Christ we are set free! Click here for more information. 

Sometimes, no matter how much we know, we still need a helping hand!

We live with ourselves every day and often don't see the stumbling blocks before us. At other times we do see them but feel blocked and directionless with little to no idea how to get out of our slump and deal with our feelings. Sometimes a creativity drought or simply the overwhelming demands of modern life can get the better of us and we need someone to listen and give us some wise Holy Spirit filled perspective. Being spiritually healthy doesn't mean we don't have down seasons and need a helping hand to walk with us as we regroup and reconnect with what's important. Sometimes these seasons of change are God's way of reshaping our mind, heart and future, which is when the support of a wise friend becomes invaluable. Sean Manders runs a 9-week Mental Awareness coaching programme that helps you develop the mindset, mental fortitude and psychology to reconnect with life, handle today's stress and manage your personal relationships. Click here to read more about Sean, his journey and how to contact him. Weekly sessions are conducted telephonically on WhatsApp worldwide, or in person in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

"Walking with God"

Our New Series has begun!

This series of lessons focus in part on setting generations free by recognizing, identifying and clearing inherited sin and also the importance of prayer and having an incorruptible and indestructible relationship with the God the Father, God the Son and God, the Holy Spirit. During this series we cover, in-depth, various topics and subjects in order to grant us this opportunity to grow in our relationship with the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and with Father God and firmly rooting our faith and trust in Him by understanding what it means to FULLY surrender to the Lord and be led by His Holy Spirit. You will also gain a much deeper and better understanding of how Satan comes against us using daily sin in an attempt to destroy our calling and our walk with God so that we fail to become a lethal weapon of mass destruction against his kingdom.  This series is designed to make your heart hungrier for more of God's wisdom and truth, strengthening your walk with Him daily! Each week a new lesson is added promising loads of insight and revelation from the Lord! This series will run for approximately six months and requires a monthly contribution which supports me in being able to teach these lessons and also provide more free content. You can cancel your subscription at any time during these six months and the content you have paid for will be available to you to download. Site members qualify for a 25% discount Please contact me on to access your discount coupon.

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Thank you Father for teaching us

that You are ALL we need to trust in because You have prepared for us more than we could ever imagine. You are the God of Goodness, You are Faithful and You always do what You say. You are trustworthy! Thank you Abba Father for loving me so much and forgive me, please, for the times my faith in You falters. Lift my spirit so that I may be firmly rooted in my faith and trust in You! I love you!