God has a plan for our lives and although it is bitter-sweet at times, He's ready and all too willing to nurture us in every bitter and sweet phase we go through. Our Precious Creator wants us to focus on a daily process of having our spirit in-filled by Him and nurtured by the fruits of His Holy Spirit of Truth so that we are ready to receive His Gifts of the Spirit, which He designed us to embody rather than be distracted by worldly goals, new year's resolutions and our counterfeit conditioning. This is not to say we can't plan for the future and have goals. He wants us to learn to totally surrender to Him, trust in Him and stand upon the promises He's made to us, daily, so that we can manage the stresses life challenges us with and reach our goals in accordance with His Will and plan for our lives. We live in a time where it is vital to become centered and grounded in the present moment rather than get lost in what the future holds or what it should look like because, as we know by our unfinished projects, unfulfilled new year's resolutions and all our good intentions, very seldom does life show up in the ways we expect it to.

I am very excited about sharing with you some of the gems the Lord has blessed me with as He took me through some of His illusion-stripping boot camp programs, one's, in hindsight, I accept were absolutely necessary in order for me to hold the position He created for me to fulfill in order to do my bit in helping expand His Kingdom. Our precious good God helped me realize and accept how much sweeter life is when we have swallowed the bitter pill and understood it's purpose. It has been an extraordinary walk with our Father thus far and through these lessons He has revealed His truths and what I call God-Knowledge to me, which has set my spirit free in ways I never knew were necessary or even possible. May you be blessed by our Sovereign Father too and may your unfolding one on one relationship with Him reveal His original Plan of Love for you. 

God has made super sure that Sean and myself really know what it means to live what we are presenting. It's been a bitter boot camp, but super sweet now that we've completed the necessary levels of His program. We are looking forward to sharing this with you! Please note that unlike most of our services, these workshops are not for free, however, we have made it as affordable as possible.


Our 3 separate workshops cover all these bases and support one another. You can indulge in one, or all three. Scroll down for full details and registration. 

Workshop 1 - Fruits of God
Presented by Michelle and Sean Manders
God's Fruits are also called the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is, in fact, HIS Spirit of Truth which lives in us when we have been raised from the spiritually dead. The Holy Spirit blesses us with 9 (nine) fruits which we are able to receive daily by faith. During this workshop, we go into the details of each fruit, what it means and what it tastes like in our lives. This workshop involves creatively painting or drawing on canvas the 9 fruits for yourself under the direction of God's Truth. Understanding these 9 fruits more deeply helps us better understand what it means to receive them by faith, how they sweeten the bitter seasons, what it means to truly live by them and why they are such an important part of our daily spiritual nourishment. Tending your Garden of God enables these fruits to be healthy and full of the essential living spiritual nutrients and sustenance we need daily. 
This workshop is spread over 9-weeks so that you can focus on one fruit per week and really digest it's meaning and strengthen your intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit - God's Spirit of Truth. Developing this one on one intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit is an essential part of our spiritual walk. During this workshop we will also go deeper into who the Holy Spirit is, what His role is in our lives, why we NEED Him and how we can communicate with Him.
 Fruit 1 - Faithfulness - Now available - Please click here to buy.
 Fruit 2 - Self-control - Now available - Please click here to buy.
 Fruit 3 - Gentleness -  Now available - Please click here to buy.
 Fruit 4 - Goodness - Now available - Please click here to buy.
 Fruit 5 - Kindness - Now available - Please click here to buy.
 Fruit 6 - Patience, also called Long-suffering
 Fruit 7 - Peace
 Fruit 8 - Love
 Fruit 9 - Joy
This is a pre-recorded workshop to accommodate international time zones and is recorded each week and uploaded to our Academy where you can download it when you sign up and pay. If the need arises for a live group Q and A session as per your request, this will be arranged and you'll be advised thereof. 
Price:           $111 once off payment payable via PayPal through the academy or three installments of $38 per month payable through our academy. If, however, you cannot afford the above terms an arrangement can be made of $28 x 4 payments via PayPal and you will be sent a video recording every second week - two recordings per month and the last month you will receive three recordings. Please e-mail me personally on w4jc.southafrica@gmail.com to arrange this. 
What you'll need:  Small to medium-sized square canvases to draw or paint your Holy Spirit Fruit creation on and paints or colour pens to get creative with. This is for the purpose of creating with the Holy Spirit and displaying this creation in your home or office so that you are reminded daily of the importance of receiving your daily sustenance from God. This process also allows the free Spirit of God to create through you so PLEASE do not worry if you're not an artist. This is not about art, it's about God's creative Spirit working through you and being expressed on canvas. 
Please questions to w4jc.southafrica@gmail.com
  Workshop 2 - Standing on God's Promises  
Presented by Michelle and Sean Manders 
Our Father God is the God of Truth and Order. He is the Father of Goodness and cannot lie or be evil. Throughout the history of creation He has promised us eternal life when we listen to Him and stand firmly upon the promises He has made to us. These promises are an important part of the weapons we use against the enemy to negate the lies he implants in our minds and thus manipulating our emotions and will, in other words manipulating our soul. God maintains order in our lives by us believing in Him and His promises.
We live in a world and age where we believe the lies of the enemy before we believe God’s promises. As children of God we are at war with the enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy our relationship with God and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. God's eternal enemy, Satan, loves to steal our joy, our peace, health and seeks to destroy all goodness in our lives, including our marriages, finances, family and relationships. When we stand on the Truths and Promises of God as the foundation in our lives we are better able to withstand the attacks coming from the dark spiritual worlds and gain victory. Our fight is not against people, its against the evil that exists in the spiritual realms. 
"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armour of God so that so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggles is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" Ephesians 6: 10-12
During these 9 weeks we go deeper into 9 of God’s more than 5000 incredible promises and claim them as part of the solid foundation of order in our lives. These truths and promises are designed to bring order to all chaos and to build and secure our faith and trust in Him to take care of our EVERY need! We also look at why God can and does use chaotic situations to bring order into our lives too. It’s important we understand the Will of our Father so we can respond to Him rather than rebel and fall prey to the enemy's traps and temptations.
Dates:            Commencing in November 2019 (Weekly class)
Venue:          This is a pre-recorded workshop to accommodate international time zones and will be recorded each Friday and e-mailed to you. If the need arises for a live group Q and A session as per your request, this will be arranged and you'll be advised thereof. 
Price:               $111 once off payment payable via PayPal through the academy or two installments of $56 per month payable through our academy.
What you'll need:  Small to medium sized square canvases to draw, write or paint your Promises on and paints or colour pens to get creative with. This is for the purpose of creating these Promises as daily reminders and displaying this creation in your home or office. You are encouraged to add to these promises that God personally leads you to as part of His relationship and Promise to you as as confirmation of His love for you. This process also allows the free Spirit of God to create through you so PLEASE do not worry if you're not an artist. This is not about art, it's about God's creative Spirit working through you and being expressed on canvas. 
To register please e-mail w4jc.southafrica@gmail.com
Workshop 3 - God's Gifts of the Spirit 
Presented by Michelle and Sean Manders 

God's precious gifts of the Spirit are given to us according to His Will. God speaks about the Body of Christ and that every part of the body is equally important and if any part is missing the body is not whole. We were each created blessed by God to embody the Spiritual Gifts He created us to carry so that He can use us as instruments to carry out His Good Works and plans for our lives. These gifts also help expand the Kingdom of God according to His timing and purpose for all of us. We are living in extraordinary times and it is now more important than ever that we surrender our lives completely to Him to use us as His instruments. It's also essential that we are able to discern what are spiritual gifts from God and what are counterfeit gifts from the enemy. Unfortunately, God's eternal enemy, Satan has hijacked a number of people's special gifts that were meant to be used for God's Kingdom. However, because many people do not understand how God's enemy works and how easily he deceives and misuses us and our gifts, these good people end up using their gifts to expand the enemy's kingdom. 

Gifts of the Spirit - What Are They?

Gifts of the Spirit are special abilities provided by God's Holy Spirit for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. The list of spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 includes wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Similar lists appear in Ephesians 4:7-13 and Romans 12:3-8. The gifts of the Spirit are simply God enabling believers to do what He has called us to do. 2 Peter 1:3 says, "His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness." The gifts of the Holy Spirit are part of the "everything we need" to fulfill His purposes for our lives.

Gifts of the Spirit - The Definitions

There is some controversy as to the precise nature of each of the gifts of the Spirit, but here is a list of spiritual gifts and their basic definitions.

  • The gift of wisdom seems to be the ability to make decisions and give guidance that is according to God's will.

  • The gift of knowledge is the ability to have an in-depth understanding of a spiritual issue or situation.

  • The gift of faith is being able to trust God and encourage others to trust God, no matter the circumstances.

  • The gift of healing is the miraculous ability to use God's healing power to restore a person who is sick, injured, or suffering.

  • The gift of miracles is being able to perform signs and wonders that give authenticity to God's Word and the Gospel message.

  • The gift of prophecy is being able to proclaim a message from God.

  • The gift of discerning spirits is the ability to determine whether or not a message, person, or event is truly from God.

  • The gift of tongues is the ability to speak in a foreign language that you do not have knowledge of, in order to communicate with someone who speaks that language.

  • The gift of interpreting tongues is the ability to translate the tongues speaking and communicate it back to others in your own language.

  • The gift of administration is being able to keep things organized and in accordance with God's principles.

  • The gift of helps is always having the desire and ability to help others, to do whatever it takes to get a task accomplished.


Gifts of the Spirit - Which One(s) Do I Have?

The Holy Spirit of God distributes the gifts of the Spirit as He sees fit (1 Corinthians 12:7-11). God does not want us to be ignorant of how He wants us to serve Him. However, it is very easy for us to get caught up in what spiritual gift(s) we have and then only serve God in that area of ministry. That is not how it works. God calls us to obediently serve Him. He will equip us with whatever gifts of the Spirit we need to accomplish the task or tasks He has called us to. Yes, God calls some to be teachers and gives them the gift of teaching, but that does not excuse the person from serving God in other ways as well. Is it beneficial to know what spiritual gift(s) God has given you? Of course, it is. Is it wrong to focus so much on spiritual gifts that we miss other opportunities to serve God? Yes!

During this 4-day workshop

  • We address these spiritual gifts with the understanding not everyone has all of them, yet God will equip us with any of them whenever He needs us to use them. Remember, we are part of a body and each part is as important as the next. Thus, we are establishing what our gifts are in accordance with God's Will and His instruction and direction, and UNITING as a BODY IN CHRIST so that we can work together utilizing our God-given Gifts so as to expand His Kingdom and become acutely aware of how ignorance and misled understanding of God and who He is leads many good souls into the domain of darkness and misusing their gifts. God said in Hosea 4:6 " My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge....."

  • Powerful prayers inviting in these gifts are provided, designed to open God's floodgates of favour on our lives so that He can use us as His divine instruments in the way He designed us and them to be used. 

Dates:              Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th and 14th and 15th December 2019
Venue:          This is a pre-recorded workshop so as to accommodate international time-zones and will be recorded on the dates advertised and e-mailed to you. If the need arises for a live group Q and A session as per your request, this will be arranged and you'll be advised thereof. 
Price:              $90 once off payment payable via PayPal
                      (South Africans - R1000 once off payment. Banking details will be provided upon booking.)
What you'll need:  Note book and time to go through the prayers and journal writing. It will be important to complete the prayers and practice what the Holy Spirit of God guides you in. 
To register please e-mail w4jc.southafrica@gmail.com
All three workshops resonating with you? Sign up for all three and you only pay $250. Payment plans are available.
South African residents, you pay R2500 for all 3 workshops and payment plans are available for you too. 

Coming soon myself and our ambassador in Slovenia, Mateja Jager will be making 4 videos, to begin with, for you to savour as part of our nurturing gift to you. We have chosen some juicy topics to cover, guided by the Holy Spirit of God; His Spirit of Truth, to help you better understand the traps the enemy has set up to capture us with the aim to spiritually kill us and separate us from God's protection, salvation and forgiveness permanently. Please sign up for my newsletter, if you haven't already, and you will receive these in your inbox each day after we've completed them. 

Video Topics to look forward to:

  • Love and Light Trap and how False Teachers and False Prophets trap people

  • Disclosure Deception

  • Sexual Sin - Satan's Lure

  • Why Good Intentions are not enough to stop covenants with demons. Ignorance leads to BONDAGE!