The "Good Guys" are the bad guys - Exposing the lies of devils - Lisa Renee/Energetic Synthesis

Updated: Mar 12

This information may come as a surprise to many of you and thus ask you please to read it to the end because of the importance of the content and beseech you to give it some deep consideration before tossing it aside. Especially because I supported and promoted these lies.

Since renouncing the new age in its entirety my and family's lives have changed beyond comprehension. As tough as it was initially we cannot even begin to express the incredible state of peace and safety we live in as our Sovereign Lord PROVES His faithfulness to us DAILY. NEVER EVER in my new age career/lifestyle did I ever experience this, not even once. Living a life filled with the mercy, grace, provision and protection of Yehushua Ha Maschiach (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) and the undefiled Holy Spirit of our good God is priceless. NO AMOUNT OF MONEY on earth can buy what we now experience FREELY EVERY DAY, PROVIDED ABUNDANTLY BY OUR SOVEREIGN LORD, and I'm not referring to financial resources. It's in EVERY area of our lives. 

Let me say upfront that I am not posting this to convince you to "join me." This blog is coming from my heart because I have a responsibility to set the record straight and expose some important things to you. I have realized and been shown by our Sovereign Lord some serious deception contained in the content provided by Energetic Synthesis/Ascension Glossary and Lisa Renee's work and indirectly Ashayana Deane and Ascension Dictionary too. I am writing this blog because I was heavily invested in what Lisa teaches and I (may have) led you to her too, not to mention how often I promoted her work. Thus, I must share this with you. Please note that I have ALREADY confronted Lisa on all of this. She only replied once and has ignored all further correspondence. I did inform her that I am going public with my findings. It's then up to you what you do with the information once you have considered the seriousness of what's being taught by her, and what I too once upon a time believed and taught. Although there is truth in some of her teachings there are some serious false doctrines being taught too. Rat poison is made up of 99% safe food and 1% poison, just enough to kill the rat. BE AWARE. If any of you reading this have loyalties to Lisa and want to share this email with her, please feel free to. I have nothing to hide.

To begin with, I admit that for the first 51 years of my life I did not believe the Word of God written in the Bible and rejected practically everything He inspired His faithful servants to write. This rejection was fueled hugely by the demons I was channeling at the time, which I'm sure most of you will recall. Once really getting into the study of the Bible I was blown away by what God's Sovereign Law is and means for us all. I wept with grief that I had not come to know sooner what I know now, my whole life would have been very different. However, the Lord revealed to me that because of what I have experienced He is using me to set things right and to give everyone I know and who cross my path the opportunity to know what we didn't and be saved from the mistakes we've made. Once we return to Him, He turns every curse into a blessing. Everything He instructs us not to do or believe is because HE IS PROTECTING US from deception we are unable to discern when we are under the veil of satanic bondage, which most of us have lived under all our lives. We were BORN INTO IT.

DISOBEDIENCE IS WHAT ORIGINALLY SEPARATED US FROM GOD. As descendants of Adam and Eve (all people can be traced back to Adam and Eve as our original ancestors) we were cursed from the get go. But God had a plan and

filled 40 different men over a period of 1600 years with His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth and gave us ALL the information we need to know the truth; His Truth. However, we were deceived and programmed to reject God's Truth and to choose something different by following our "own truth." We chose our personal truth over God's ETERNAL truth. Bear in mind that Satan called God a liar in the Garden of Eden and wants people to have so much self-interest that we have no time for God. Please note, like Angels, God gave us freewill, thus He gives us the opportunity EVERY DAY AND IN EVERY MOMENT TO CHOOSE HIM AND HIS WAY, OR NOT. Remember, sin (disobedience) separates us from God. One of the ways Satan keeps us distracted is by the constant self-work and revisiting of our past over and over and over again. God doesn't work like that. He heals. Once we have repented and been set free in Him we are FREE without the constant reflection on our past. Satan keeps us focused on the past and our wounds so that we remain self-absorbed and self-obsessed. 

The enemy, Satan/Lucifer seeks to steal, kill and destroy and will go to every length conceivable and inconceivable to make that happen. Deception and lies are his SPECIALTY!!!! And he loves to prey on those who have been traumatized and have what I call a serious "God Wound" which I