Radical Faith and Trust

John Lennon said, "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans," well, that's how life has been showing up en masse in my life of late. Every year brings a new theme, however, my entire life has turned 180 degrees since August 2017 and, in hindsight, I wouldn't have it any other way.

In August 2017 I walked away from a very successful career and New Age business as a voice channel for the ascended masters, and other beings, whom I had come to discover were not anywhere close to whom they were professing to be. Realizing that I had been professionally serving evil forces for 21 years of my life was devastaing. For 25 years of my life I studied and believed completely in their satanic doctrine and became completely brainwashed by their evil mind-set. I had spent exactly half of my life loyal to these demonic forces, all the time thinking I was serving God. Let me at this pont highlight the fact that although I stopped channelling in Augsut 2017, I still continued working as an astrologer up until October 2018, at which time I fully renounced EVERYTHING metaphysical, esoteric and of the occult as a whole.

Many still in the New Age and supporting channelling, or channels themselves, ask me how did we know they are evil? and how dare we make such accusations! This is how we know. These demons posing as ascended masters and star beings reacted visciously when my husband and I broke away from them. Not the kind of reaction you’d expect from “caring and loving beings of light,” right? They showed their true colours immediately as they went out of their way to destroy us on as many levels as possible. At one point we thought my husband had stomach cancer he was so ill, he was so severly psychically attacked at another point that he was hospitalized with boils on his body that had to be drained in theatre under genral anesthetic; he was in terrible pain and discomfort. On another occassion following this we had him in the E.R because he was in agony with kidney pain. The doctors could find nothing wrong with him. The same kidney attacks were happening to one of my three sons too. All 5 our children were experiencing demonic attacks in their sleep and seeing entites in their bedrooms. Their behaviour changed too. Our 3 year old niece who was living with us at the time, bawled constantly. These forces tried everything to break up my marriage and cause as much fear and stress as possible. They did however succeed in splitting up our relationship with some family members. Our animals were dying – 2 dogs and a cat, not to mention the dead birds we would find lying all over the garden at times. Food would spoil all the time and we were heamoraging money as a result of the all the “unexpected” expenses that were relentlessly coming up. And to top it all my group was under psychic attach too and eventually I was left with 20% of my group and clients in tact. It was insane!

You need to understand this was no small move we made. I was very good at what I did, I travelled the world doing their work and spreading their doctrine through my channeling and Planetary Stargate and Portal work I was doing. My family’s entire livliehood came from my business, so crippling us financially and placing me under as much stress and overwhelm as possible was the main aim to begin with, until August 2018 when I buckled under the pressue and snapped calling for help from a place inside of myself I’d never reached out from before. Yet, it still took a further 2 months before I was fully in the safe custody of our Sovereign Lord. As I write this it is February 2019, 18 months since our breakaway and things continue to change. Radical faith and trust is what now gets us through every day.

Throughout these 18 months we have had to regroup monthly in order to adapt to the constant change happening in every area of our lives, and in November 2018 both my parents started relying more on me for support and caretaking, another blow as their health began deteriorating rapidly because this meant I had hardly any time to get to my work duties meaning our finances depleted even further. On the 17th of January 2019, my mother passed away leaving my father behind. Feeling lost and alone after 55 years of marraige to my mom and his health being unstable too, my hubby and I moved back into my childhood home. Not only were we moving back into my childhood home because my dad needed us, but also because we could no longer afford to pay rent where we were staying.

This might not sound too hectic in terms of the struggles some of you might have faced or are facing, however, please bear in mind that I had walked away from my life’s work – 21 years. I was about to complete my doctorate in metaphysics and launch a new body of astrological work I’d developed myself. My family was now in financial distress because 80% of my group did not resonate with the changes I made in my life, however, it was only in November 2018 that I fully and completely gave my life to Jesus Christ.

The move back into my childhood home happened on th 29th of January 2019 and now another cycle of change greets us. I ran away from home at the age of 17, so coming home 35 years later has been a huge step, yet I am more at peace than I’ve ever been before. This is purely because I have found peace in the presence of Jesus Christ walking with me all day, every day. We are facing change that has “set us back” decades, but it doesn’t matter because for the first time in my life I know what the authentic living Holy Spirit feels like, how it truly comforts. Never in my life have I ever experienced the love and comfort that I have in the arms of Jesus Christ. No ascended master ever made me feel this loved, at peace and safe.

I was one of those New Agers who would react very negatively when the bible or christianity was mentioned. I thought people who speak about their love for Christ and how Jesus turned their lives around so publically where full of crap. I believed the bible was largely inaccurate and that religion is evil. I believed Christians had it all wrong and took pity on their ignorance. Besides, most Christians were judgemental hypocrites, I thouhgt, although many are, there are many who aren't. I cringe now seeing how arrogant I was in my ignorance. Thankfully, our Sovereign Farther is forgiving, merciful and loving and I now fully understand why people are moved from within to praise, celebare and adore the Holy Spirit, because the Spirit of Truth does that to a person.

I am grateful beyond measure to my Supreme Maker for everything we have experienced because I am now more aligned than ever with what my purpose is and how I can best serve my Sovereign Father. I have come to engage in an irreversible relationship with my Sovereign Saviour whom I have searched for all my life. I also see how He is using my 25 yeas in the New Age as a means to further expose this evil agenda, and I am chomping at the bit to get going.

We are living in times where there is no more time to waste. It’s spiritual warfare and we must pick a side, God or Satan. It’s that simple. Are you metally, emotionally and spiritually equipped with what’s needed when life happens while you’re making other plans? When there’s no money what do you have? When you are stressed and overwhelmed by everything around you collapsing, how do you behave/react? What are your relationships like when all the chips are down and there appears to be no way out of your situation? I urge every person involved in New Age, channelling, ascended masters etc., to do your own research on the subject and see what you find. I dare you to, with sincerity, invite in the undefiled Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth to reveal itself to you and to show and prove to you that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of mankind that has been given to us by the Sovereign Father of ALL creation. I dare you to ask Jesus Christ to show you how much He loves you and why He wants a personal one-on-one relationship with you!

I experienced immense spiritual and psychic abuse whilst serving in the New Age. The empty promises, half truths, partial healing, disappointments and general New Age rhetoric took it’s toll on my ability to trust anything outside of myself, thus I isolated myself eventually to the degree that I could trust no-one, nor anything making life very hard at times. Jesus has healed that by provng to me over and over that He is here for me during this time of change and always will be. He moves my inner being everytime I need to be comforted or reassured that all is as it must be and that He’s taking care of everything. EVERY TIME I ask the Holy Spirit for comfort or guidance I FEEL IT CLEARLY! There are no words to describe that level of peace, it’s something you need to experience personally. Thus my wish for you today is that you have a revelation of who Jesus Christ truly is and the difference He can make in your life where all else has failed, where others have failed you, and you have failed yourself. Jesus obliterates failure with His love enabling radical faith and trust to be placed in Him. Invite Him in and let me know what happens.

May all who truly seek their True Sovereign Maker find Him – God, the Father, God, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit.

Much love,

Michelle Manders.