Plant Medicine & Psychedelics - Demonic Gateways

I've been wanting to address this subject for some time already; finally the opportunity has arisen. I had the opportunity recently to interview a lady who was involved in psychedelics and shamanistic new age plant medicines before coming to Christ in which we were able to cover some important ground regarding her and some of my experiences.

My initial motivation to address this subject was brought on by some visions I had in 2018 regarding hundreds of thousands of demons entering this realm due to the mass use of these substances at an event held in South Africa called "Africa Burn," which I speak about in the beginning of the video interview which you can access at the end of this blog.

The point I want to make in this blog is how dangerous the use of these substances are and what they open a person up to on a spiritual level. What often makes it so difficult to speak about on a subject like this is that there is no tangible proof that one can give other than people's testimonies, and hopefully through sharing these, people are able to make the connection to the use of these substances and the horrendous things that begin to happen in their lives as a result of their use.

Although I only have personal experience using marijuana (cannabis), psilocybin

mushrooms and MDMA, I am very much aware of what these and all other plant medicines and psychedelics do to a person spiritually and what it opens our lives up to. Most New Agers participating in this form of substance abuse view it as something positive and spiritually enriching, as did I. However, even as a New Ager I became acutely aware of how dangerous these substances are spiritually. I erroneously believed that if one prayed protection prayers prior to consuming the substance then you're fine. I had some really hectic visions and experiences which I put down to "bad trips" without fully realizing that the "bad trips" were revealing the reality of the spiritual presences and doorways that were being opened, and through conscious participation, INVITING these demonic forces to take up residence in my body, soul, spirit, home and life as a whole. I also realized that every time groups get together to participate in these plant medicine and psychedelic "journeys" they are in fact opening massive portals for demons to enter into this realm and aiding in the planetary demonic possession and oppression we face daily. This is helping the world become more wicked and demonically infested!

Whilst under the influence, through visions and "spiritual experiences," I was being shown things about creation, God, multi-dimensions, life, us and the spiritual realm I believed to be true, however, once I gave my life to Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit began to open my eyes through my study of God's Word and I realized how many lies had been implanted in my psyche as a result. One such example is a vision I had on a mushroom trip where I saw what I thought were Father God and Mother God making love and when she orgasmed, her orgasm gave birth to creation and life as we know it. The Bible, however, in Genesis chapters 1 and 2 completely shattered this vision, as well as the massive lie that there is a Mother God. The more I read God's Word the more the lies were exposed to me. I could not believe how deceived I had been and the extent to which people are being deceived by the involvement in these practices. Deceiving us is so easy, it's like taking candy from a toddler. We become so puffed up in our spiritual pride because of our knowledge, experiences and "truth" that we walk straight into the web of deceit defending it as something good and filled with love, light and truth. I was one of those people.

Whilst I was still a New Ager, I had a friend who came to me to ask my opinion about drinking ayahuasca. I pleaded with her not to go there because of the gateways opened over one's life. Sadly she went ahead and did it anyway, and not only once, three separate times. Needless to say shortly after her first trip her life came apart at the seams. It is 5 years since our conversation and her life has gone from bad to worse in ways that will make your hair stand on end. Although she now recognizes the fact that the plant medicine was the instigator she is still unable to get her life on track, suffers from depression, anxiety, panic and demonic attacks and has regular bouts of paranoia. She also began taking other substances during this time which contributed even more to the severe demonic attacks she experiences on a regular basis. Sadly she is not prepared to give it up and has to live the horrors of her choices daily.