Only God Can Save Us!

Updated: Mar 12

We live in a world of busyness and thinking if we do more we'll be more successful, more appreciated and more acceptable. If we do more good then God will approve and be happy with us. No amount of doing anything in our own power will make us righteous in God's eyes.

By accepting that we were conceived in sin and, therefore, born with the seed of sin in us because we descended from Adam, then we can make peace with the fact that there is NOTHING that we can do that will justify us before God. It is ONLY when we repent of our sins as a result of our sinful nature and what we have done, and are washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ, are we reunited with God and washed clean of our sin and guilt. This is the boundary that God has set in place and the ONLY way in which we can come before Him because of how Holy He is.

The new age worldview has blinded many minds and twisted the truth about how God sees and deals with sin. Deceived minds believe that because God is so good, kind and loving, He will simply overlook our mistakes/sins without repenting and keep having mercy on us and forgiving us without limit. Deceived minds think that if you just say sorry to God and promise you won't do it again, which is usually a lie born out of desperation or guilt, all is well. Deceived minds believe that if you repent, repeat the sin and simply repent again, repeat the same sin again and repent again, you're good to go. An example of this is, I was told of a person who living an adulterous life made the statement that if they simply repent after every time they have cheated they are forgiven by God. This is very erroneous thinking and not the way repentance works.

Deceived minds believe that God will let everyone into heaven regardless of their behaviour because He is the God of love. Ignorant minds don't understand that sin separates us from God. Ignorant and deceived minds believe that if we act in our own power and think we can self-help, self-accept, DO better, be kind, "forgive" and "love" one another and follow our hearts we are safe from the punishment of God. Although the forgiveness and love part are true, it is meaningless if the Lord is not at the heart of it. We must completely renounce any thought and belief that fake repentance is sufficient and that we can do it for ourselves, or that by any kind of "self" act we are in the green with God.

By studying the Word of God we learn about why God will only accept us when we repent, fully obey Him and His laws, which are firm boundaries He has erected in order to hold us accountable and also so that we LEAN ON HIM in order to remain conscious of our sin by understanding His nature and what He demands from us. We learn about how erroneous it is to think that without Jesus Christ we can go straight to Him, get close to Him and ascend into heaven.

When the Lord is at the heart of our lives and at the centre of our minds it is easier to abide by His laws. With the Lord we learn to stop struggling in our attempts to save ourselves and rather become secure in our belief in Him to do as He has promised and provide for us and protect us. His provision is not limited to money, He provides everything we need.

Did you know that unbelief is a sin? Did you know that focusing on ourselves and our limitations, issues, fears and how offended we are by others behaviour towards us is a sin - it's self-absorbed self-exaltation and, therefore, pride? It's also self-idolatry, another sin, because we are placing ourselves in the centre of the picture rather than God. Understanding the nature of sin is vital if we are to be conscious of what sin is. We are meant to do everything God's way, not "my way." Lord Jesus paved the way for us. He told the disciples to FOLLOW Him, not go their own way and meet Him somewhere. He told them to leave their lives behind (the world) and follow Him. This is what He instructs us to do too.

Let the Lord raise you up as a new person; make you brand new and follow, Him not your own heart's desires. God's will, not my will. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and ask the Lord to fill you with His wisdom and understanding so that you are conscious of your behavior and how it either brings you closer to Him or separates you from Him. We're all born sinners, but with Him we are reborn and washed clean of our sin.

God bless,

Michelle Manders