New Age Poison Coated in Sugar and Spice and all things Nice!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Precious Soul Family,

God’s Sovereign Heaven’s Window is open and beginning on 12/12/2018, the Universal Solstice, we move forward with the most exciting, exhilarating and life-changing journeys of our history. This is because WE ARE FEELING deep within ourselves our Sovereign Creator CALLING US HOME. As children of the True King of kings, this call is so powerful that no deception is able to keep us in bondage any longer. Take a look around you. Our Sovereign Creator, Supreme Goodness – GOD is smashing the stronghold the New Age had on every part of our lives. Let me remind you that BECAUSE OF ALL YOUR INTENTIONS AND PRAYERS YOUR TRUE FATHER, PROVIDER, AND PROTECTOR HAS COME FOR YOU, FOR ME, FOR ALL OF US. We are TRUE FAMILY. He is our True Father. God hasn’t only just now shown up. He’s been beating on the door of our hearts for ages and finally, we have heard Him!

Since September 2017 I have been teaching about the Antichrist Architecture and its agenda and as a result of the intensive study and research I’ve conducted, I came to identify clearly how this agenda entrapped those of us who were fully into the New Age way of living and believing, as well as now, how it is insidiously entrapping Christians who are mistakenly slipping into New Age ways without realizing it. My 25 years in the New Age as a metaphysician, channel, teacher and group leader was not for nothing. Father’s Will for me now is to bring the rest of my family home with me. That’s you. Thus you too are being called to do the same in whichever way Father is calling you to.

“Our power comes from God alone.”

Our Precious Heavenly Father provides us with all the skill we need to perform our tasks perfectly. Thus trust that you have an inherent talent – the skill our True Father blessed you with. If you for any reason have come to believe that you have no skill or purpose, think again. When we “Return to Oneness with Supreme Father” through the Living Love of Jesus Christ the Sovereign Lord, His Holy Spirit moves our inner spirit in the most incredible and unforeseen ways. This, however, we can only experience when we drop all of the external distractions and TRULY come before our Sovereign Creator and ask for forgiveness for our ignorance and gullibility. Our repentance shows our intention and commitment to purify our ways of the nature of sin hidden in the antichrist agenda. Through my research and study, I have identified 3 main technologies the antichrist agenda uses to keep people ignorant, resistant to hearing and accepting God’s True Word and Promises, and “living in sin.” This is Blocker Technology, (the mind is blocked frm accepting the truth), Splitter Technology, (the aim is to divide and conquer by feeding the mind lies that split relationships and the soul)and Scramble Technology (the aim to confuse the person so much that they're too scatmbled to make sense of what is going on or being said. Some people fall into a living trance as a result overewhelmed by the stress of feeling scrambled so much of the time. These are the 3 main technologies we are focusing on transcending over the next 12-weeks and infuses our new year with an entirely new theme regarding our True Source of Life – the Authentic Divine and Holy Spirit of our Sovereign Father.

The collapse out of our system of these 3 technologies is the major part of our spiritual detox and will be a challenge for those who have become dependent on outer sources for their guidance and decision making. This is because we need to surrender ALL OUTER DISTRACTIONS in order to form our INDESTRUCTIBLE AND IMPENETRABLE ONE-ON-ONE INNER RECONNECTION with our Sovereign Maker. This is absolutely necessary in order to ensure our INNER CLEAN UP OF ALL NEW AGE BOOBY TRAPS is thorough, permanent and irreversible. This is guaranteed when we FOCUS ON GOD alone through our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, also fondly known as Yeshua, His Hebrew name. In this way, we are safe and protected in our Sovereign Father’s Almighty Holy Spirit which we invite to saturate every part of our body, mind, soul and spirit 24/7.

I have been living my life in this manner and have been blown away by how powerful our True Father is in EVERYTHING He does for us. Since renouncing all outer sources of guidance and direction my guidance on a day to day basis coming directly from the embodied Presence of our Sovereign Father’s Holy Spirit feeding my inner spirit has been jaw-dropping. There are times I weep in pure joy and gratitude of how His Holy Spirit is present and taking care of business before I even show up. Synchronicity has taken on a whole new level of collaboration with my life and I rejoice knowing that because I have fully surrendered to ONLY GOD’S WILL PLAYING OUT IN MY LIFE, He has ALREADY taken care of ALL my needs in order to fulfill the Divine plan He created for me alone to fulfill. You have a plan and connection with Supreme Sovereign Father like this too. Ask Him to show you. Invite His Living Love to become one with you so that you can experience the Return of Living Love and Oneness as Father originally intended it to be for us.

Although we are taking this journey into the Heart of God through Jesus Christ to experience His love in ways like no other, we must also be aware of what takes us away from keeping this relationship and connection strong and indestructible. In this case, we are focusing on the New Age because it’s where we come from making us Sovereignty Warriors which our Sovereign Father can use as Vessels of Honour to bring all His prodigal sons and daughters home.

For those of you who don’t know me that well I was an astrologer and about to launch what I believed was an amazing and fresh way of working with astrology. In 1996 I began my service as a channel to the ascended masters which lasted for 21 years before I severed all ties and connections with them in August 2017, however, 25 years of my life was steeped deeply in this way of life. I invested thousands of dollars in my studies, not to mention the endless hours of no sleep due to research and meeting deadlines to fulfill my commitments to my clients. I walked away from a successful career in the New Age and no longer practice astrology. I have burnt every deck of cards and every occult and new age book I had on my shelves and I have never felt freer. My crystals have all been given back to Mother Earth and everything inside of me feels soooo much lighter. You can listen to my testimony here.

For those of you reeling in horror at the thought of me burning all my books and cards, a whole bunch of them Doreen Virtue’s, who agrees we burn them. Why? Because it was what I felt compelled to do and don’t want the smut and lies to continue being circulated. The crystals were taken out of Mother Earth’s body without her permission, gouged out in fact, and I have given back to her what was hers, all along. My only source of guidance is God and His goodness that shines through in everything in my life, proof that this is true. Still not resonating or still got questions? Let me ask you a few things to reflect on:

  • Why is it that we pray for, intend for and beg for the truth and sovereignty, yet when it shows up, most reject it because it doesn’t fit our ignorant and selfish expectations?

  • Does it mean nothing to anyone that people like myself, Doreen Virtue, Steve Bancarz, Greg Giles and others are breaking away from the New Age even though we were/are at the peak of our careers and successful? Why are we abandoning ship when our livelihood depends on it?

  • Do people genuinely not see how the New Age itself is full of knowledge junkies lacking true inner awareness, accountability, and emotional maturity and communication skills?Do people genuinely not recognize the blocker technology and mind control booby traps sabotaging their efforts and distracting them from their authentic truth? Clearly not, because that’s what blocker technology does. Thus I invite you to consider how much of what you experience in your life with yourself and others is sabotaged by blocker technology.

  • Can people truly not see how lost we have become, distracted by the false world of the antichrist luring us into temptation and convincing us that our answers, guidance and salvation lies in a crystal ball, deck of cards, or through an ascended master, light being or spirit guide? What about asking God directly?

  • Can people truly not see that ALL ALONG WE HAVE BEEN WORSHIPPING FALSE IDOLS and put other gods before our Supreme Father? Every angel, archangel, god, goddess and ascended master we have turned to for comfort, guidance, direction etc., we put them before our True Father. We asked them instead of God. At the time we did not know any better. However, now we do. Due to Satan’s all-consuming hatred for God and us, we were GROOMED to resist our True Father from a young age so that we would suffer immensely under our perceived separation from God. This wound is now being healed and is our theme for 2019. The False Masculine (Antichrist) responsible for this massive Divide Wound is falling as the True Father reclaims His Kingdom and children.

  • There is an insidiousness in the New Age driven by competition, jealousy, envy, lust, and greed that has become so evident I’m shocked so few people feel it. Or maybe they do, but don’t want to admit it. There is no Living Love and Living Light in the New Age. Its fakeness dripping with disdain burns our soul, yet we press on forward in that blueprint praying that we will attract the right people with the same heart-felt intentions we have, only to be rejected and stung again. Sound familiar? Not to mention the endless empty promises. I know, I ran the hamster wheel for 25 years.

The New Age is fixated on knowledge. The air of snobbishness amongst groups is thick and it is made clear that it is what you know AND who you know that makes your world go round in New Age circles. Everyone competing – who knows more, who has the most qualifications, who’s on a higher ray, higher dimension, and whose communicating with the coolest group of galactic beings. Knowledge without heart, without true compassion and GOD SENSE, is NON SENSE. Knowledge now imprisons so many because the spiritual journey has become a head job lacking heart, compassion, and integrity. The simplicity of life has become lost in the complexity of knowledge, the next scientific discovery, the latest modality, the latest and greatest amazing new teacher/author blah, blah, blah. This is why we must regroup and refocus on ONE source for our LOVE, GUIDANCE, PROTECTION and daily NEEDS.

“Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase” (Daniel 12 – The Time of the End)

No matter where my research takes me I come to the same conclusion. The End Times are most certainly here. Sean and I are both witnessing God work at super-fast speed in our lives and in the lives of those closest to us. We are all the incarnated ground crew cleaning up so that the True Messiah and Sovereign Lord can return AS HAS BEEN PROMISED. You and I are helping make that possible by owning where our loyalties lie. With Christ or the Antichrist? Love or Fear? God or Money?

The truth is setting us free and for some, the truth is not what they expected or what they wanted. The truth, however, is the truth and always exposes itself.