Know the Truth

God wants us to know the truth about Him because when we do, we recognize and comprehend His Almightiness. We begin to fathom the greatness of who He is and that NO FORCE outside of God Himself in existence can stop His plan, nor can He be defeated. When we get this, everything in our reality changes.

When we know the truth about God, we no longer fear man and the world because we know that no force of evil can harm us when we love God and are faithful to His Word and commandments. We begin living with more courage because with our faith and trust firmly rooted in the Lord and the truth about Him, we witness how He destroys the wickedness oppressing and coming against us. 

When we call out to Him and follow His instructions to the letter we are left witnessing jaw-dropping miracles that only Almighty God can perform, which He does through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We witness His authority and power working in us, through us and around us. When the Lord promises He will set us free and lead us out of slavery, then He does!

No matter who or what comes against us or tries to lock us down in prisons - mentally, emotionally or physically - the Lord will set us free. Regardless of whether the prison is an addiction, fear, depression or feeling lost, when we call out to Him, He comes, and sets us free. The world is slipping into deeper wickedness and will continue to do so as prophesy has stated, however, when we take comfort in God's truth we have peace in the knowing that He is the Almighty God and no amount of wickedness can separate us from Him.

This truth is made clear in the Book of Exodus when the evil pharaoh ruling Egypt hardens his heart and refuses to let the Israelites go even after 8 plagues come upon them. During each plague the Egyptians witness how the Israelites enslaved by them, but under the covering of God, were not affected by the plagues at all. The 9th plague is the most drastic. The Lord gives the Israelites exact instructions on what to do so that they are not affected by what He was about to do to the Egyptians for their wickedness, defying Him and harming His chosen people. This is an incredible testimony of our powerful and Almighty Creator's power and how His wrath destroys the wicked without mercy, yet His mercy, grace and love for those who love and obey Him make the impossible happen and blesses them abundantly. 

I invite you to go deeper into this story and learn more about God's Almighty nature and power in this week's Lesson 21 in our free Bible Study - Firm Foundations classes. (Lesson 21 is labelled number 22 on the list due to lesson 21 being recorded in two parts.) The past 21 weeks have revealed many layers of God's truth to us and will continue to build leading up to our final class in week 48. Whether you are new to your Walk with God or a seasoned believer, there is so much food for thought in these weekly classes and are full of refreshing revelations. Delve into the truths about our Father, refresh your faith and be uplifted and strengthened by the truth He WANTS us to know about Him and what He does and will do for us! 

Please also take note that due to power (electricity) issues in South Africa we are subjected to daily load-shedding, as it is called, meaning we have block periods every day where we are without power for 4 - 9 hours at a time. Thus my blogging schedule has been severely impeded and delayed the publishing of them because I can't work online when this happens. Neither do our phones pick up signal when the power is out. Although there is a load-shedding schedule, seldom is it accurate, and most days are a minimum of 4,5 hours without power in the area I live in. We've had two occasions of 9 hours. We have been informed that this will continue for up to another 18 months and is something we've had to get used to thanks to corruption and power plants not being maintained. Thus, I suggest you take a look every Tuesday afternoon to check if I have uploaded the new class. This class was available on Tuesday already, but I have only been able to complete the newsletter this morning! 

Have a blessed and Holy Spirit filled week!

Much love,

Michelle Manders

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