Happy New Year! The 3 Mind Control Technologies we must become aware of.

Hello precious Soul family,

It's the end of another year and as we all reflect on what 2018 delivered I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has walked this path with me, whether our parting was good or bad, leading to where I now find myself. 2018 has been an epic year of transformation and its theme of MORPHOGENESIS delivered handsomely. Every day has something new to offer and shows up in the most unexpected ways. As a result of my 2018 walk, I have arrived at a place of sovereignty I couldn't have imagined possible, and what I held in my heart at the beginning of 2018 has certainly been attended to and the outcome has been more than beneficial. 

My changes however challenged and continue to challenge a LOT of people thus I am assuming that because you are still on my mail list that you are resonating with where my journey is headed, and if you're not on my mail list and yet somehow you are reading this, this might be the nudge you've been praying for. The fact that I now consider myself saved from the clutches of darkness by my/our one and only Sovereign Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth - OUR SOVEREIGN FATHER GOD WHO INCARNATED IN THE FLESH, I realize continues to challenge people because of the spiritual abuse we have been subjected to by forces of negativity that have all along been bent on ensuring we never get to know the truth about our True Creator and the love He has for us. These forces WENT ALL OUT and continue to GO ALL OUT to plant in us seeds of confusion, seeds of distraction, doubt, hatred, judgement and destruction in order to eliminate our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and to shatter the understanding of who our one and only TRUE Sovereign Lord and Saviour truly is so as to ensure we remain captive and in spiritual and soul bondage for eternity. This is also known as the closed-loop living system which feeds the Phantom Matrix we live in and which is responsible for keeping the wheel of karma turning and thus repeated reincarnation into a closed-loop system - bondage few are able to fathom primarily because of three mind control technologies I'll elaborate on shortly. 

For those of you who don't know me, the new age was my life for 25 years, 21 of those years, beginning in 1996, I spent serving as a channel to the ascended master Kuthumi, to begin with, and then became the exclusive channel for Kuthumi-Agrippa from 2009 - 2017. I also channeled Mary Magdalene regularly, and for a period of two years, I channeled only Mary Magdalene, Jezebel, and Lady Guinevierre whilst Kuthumi was away on an inner plane retreat, and when he returned he emerged as the energy of the ascended master Kuthumi combined with occultist and astrologer Henry Cornelius Agrippa. I was the only one channeling him. I was a group leader, teacher and conducted planetary healing activations and grid upgrades leading specific group projects and traveled to 27 countries. I was an astrologer and had developed my own system of working with certain aspects of people's natal charts which I planned on launching in January 2019. I was about to complete my Doctorate in Metaphysics and Ph.D. in Theocentric Psychology but closed my books when the veils fell from my eyes and our Supreme Father of Goodness and Living Love showed me the truth about the illusion I was living in. This however only happened when I was at the end of my rope and reached out with sincerity and from a place inside of me I'd never called out from before. That's when He showed up and my entire life and career changed. The love and peace I've found which I now identify as the undefiled Holy Spirit present within me and all around me has proven to me I'm home and that my search is over. I don't need any convincing that our Sovereign Lord is the only one who can save us from the pain of the death plane we've been living in, I've experienced the truth, as have many others.

Through all of this, I kept on asking Father, why is it now that we've found what we were searching for people are pulling away from what we've been working towards for so long? He told me I have to accept that big choices are being made by everyone because this is the final stage of the end times and the fallen ones are making their final stand as they prepare for their  fall into the abyss our Sovereign Father has prepared for them. This is a time of life/death decisions and I have to allow people to make their choices. He then reminded me of Mark 4:9 "Then Jesus said, "Whoever has ears hear, let them hear." This led to further inner conviction of what Supreme Father was showing me by the supporting messages stated in Matthew 11:15 "He who has ears let him hear," in Revelation 2:7 "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will grant the right to eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God." And finally, He showed me Revelation 2:11 "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who is victorious will not be harmed by the second death." I then realized that only Father can open people's ears and eyes and only He knows how to do that. It's not my job, I had to let go of my need to rescue/save people. He's got that one covered. 

I was having a tough time digesting that now that the authentic truth was in our midst my fellow brothers and sisters were turning away from what I knew in every part of my being to be the truth and the pathway of sovereignty we'd been inviting in. Why couldn't they see and feel it too? This was when it was revealed to me that the anti-christ implanted 3 major technologies in our DNA, which is perpetuated by mind control executed via all sources of media, music, medicine, false messages, false education and the new age doctrine mindset so as to ensure we are repulsed by the name of our Father in Heaven and/or the part of Himself He placed on earth named Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Splitter Technology had worked so well I even believed the false story that Jesus Christ never shed blood but ascended out before he could be crucified. I later discovered through Father's guidance that this is, in fact, an Islamic belief. Father  had  to shed His blood out of free will in order to wipe the planetary slate of sin clean. Everything then made perfect sense to me because I was then able to see very clearly the agenda of the fallen ones and how easily we had been and continue to be duped. I AM NOT SAYING YOU ARE BAD BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN THE NEW AGE DOCTRINE, I am saying  THE NEW AGE IS AN OCCULT DOCTRINE DESIGNED TO TAKE US FURTHER AWAY FROM OUR SUPREME FATHER, NOT CLOSER. 

Why do I say it's taking us further away from God and Jesus Christ rather than closer? Because New Age doctrine teaches us that we are God and that we can go to God directly ignoring His instructions which are to come to Him through His incarnated Sovereign Self, the Supreme Gatekeeper of the realms of the undefiled Supreme Heavens, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is ONLY ONE Supreme Sovereign Father and there is ONLY ONE Gatekeeper that He has assigned to Guard entry into His realm - HIMSELF AS JESUS CHRIST. The New Age PROMOTES forming strong relationships with beings (familiar spirits) who do not state, affirm or acknowledge this fact and truth. They do not acknowledge that Jesus Christ was GOD HIMSELF INCARNATED IN THE FLESH and willingly gave His blood in order to wipe out the blood covenants the satanic forces had made with people on earth and the earthbound satanic forces of the earth which was, in fact, being impressed on our planet and collective consciousness in order to fully consume and posses it. This craziness has been happening for eons. In Genesis Chapter 6, verse 4 it says "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God (the fallen angels) went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. THEY WERE the heroes of old, men of renown." (again referring to the fallen angels). I have taught at length about the Nephilim Wars that took place 75000 years ago linked to Adams Calendar in South Africa and that this was, in fact, the SECOND seeding attempt by the Anunnaki to get Supreme Creator to accept the Nephilim as inhabitants of planet earth, which was rejected. God said NO! We need to come to our sovereign senses and RECOGNIZE the truths that ARE in the Bible that TIE UP with information we have been given as partial truths in new age doctrine so that we can make sense of why certain distortions were deliberately put in place. In doing this we get to see very easily and very quickly what are lies and what IS truth and we get to see that this planet has been a mess for a VERY LONG time, EVEN AFTER hitting the reset button a few times. People have not truly spiritually evolved and continue to fall and reject authentic sovereignty because our DNA and spirit has been so badly infected by the cross-breeding of the fallen angels with humans and the continued genetic experimentation that has been happening on earth -  22 in fact . The satanic forces have done a remarkable job of keeping us misguided and trapped in their lies and fake bliss. 

"The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize him." John 1:9-11

If we take just this above information into consideration and digest it we can see clearly that our Supreme Father has had His hands full with Satan and a third of His angels falling into defilement, thinking they can be equal to or greater than God. We can see clearly that the black hole entities and antichrist seeds that were planted here as the Victim/Victimizer Program 20 million years ago when the Lyran/Orion Wars first broke out have succeeded in shutting us down to the truth using these three technologies, amongst others, to keep us comatose and living in a false timeline hosting their fallen agenda. Another vital fact to keep in mind is that ONLY a third of the angels fell from heaven and ONLY a third of the universe is defiled, yet that third is running the show here on earth under the leadership and rule of Satan. That means 66% OF THE UNIVERSE IS BENEVOLENT,  HOWEVER,  we cannot discern the truth of who is who in the black hole zoo if we are going to insist on communicating with the imposters who are assigned to lead us astray! This is why our Supreme Father has stated emphatically we are ONLY TO LISTEN to and TRUST HIM so that He can protect us from the wolves. STRANGER DANGER!!! What do we teach our children - "Don't take candy from strangers even if they tell you mommy or daddy said it's okay. Don't get into a car with a stranger even if they tell you mommy or daddy sent them!" As a parent would you not agree with this to be normal loving parental requirements for your child's safety? So why is it considered any different with our Supreme Sovereign Father? He's BEING A FATHER!! HE's our SUPREME PROTECTOR and most of us have been or are behaving like rebellious teenagers thinking we know everything! In cases like this tough love is usually required or leaving the delinquent and rebellious teenager to bump their head and find their own way to the truth. I was one of those. 

Going back to the 3 primary mind-control technologies I was hinting at earlier. I have identified these three primary mind control technologies as Blocker Technology, Splitter Technology, and Scramble Technology. Once you recognize the technologies within yourself and within others you can never unsee it again, which is what makes this time of awakening so awesome. The truth is the truth!

Blocker Technology: This I encounter as a full-on block within the person's mind to accept anything outside of the mind-controlled doctrine that keeps their closed-loop finite living system going. No matter what you say and no matter how much proof there is there is a massive block preventing acceptance of the truth. This was a big one I carried for the 25 years I served Satan's agenda in the new age. This blocker tech behaviour is found in ALL people, not just people in the new age. 


Scramble Technology: This I encounter as people experiencing overwhelming confusion or information overload so intense that they either can't retain truthful information or for them, it's just too complicated to accept, no matter how simple it appears to others. They feel inwardly scrambled, confused and irritated by the truth as it attempts to reveal itself scrambling how they feel and what they want.

Splitter Technology: This I see working in every part of society, and as with the other two technologies, in everyone regardless of gender, race, culture or age. This shows up as the things that split us apart from the truth, the technology that splits us from sovereignty and from truly knowing our real Father. This is also the technology that splits up loving relationships, families, groups, communities, and countries. 

In the New Age doctrine, I see the Splitter Technology heavily loaded in the erroneous belief and the primarily big mistake we made thinking and believing we are God. We were created in His likeness but we are NOT God NOR are we equal to God. God is PURE and SINLESS thus His incarnated self - Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the only PURE human in existence and pure enough to give of His vital life force (blood) and clear the sin slate and sit at the right hand of God. How arrogant of us to believe that we are purer than God Himself or pure enough to take Jesus's place at His right hand? Sounds a bit like what got Satan kicked out of heaven in the first place don't you think? Yet this is what everything that falls under occult/new age is teaching - I am God. You are NOT God, I am NOT God, and in order to be truly sovereign and free, we must take some time to meditate on this and recognize that some new age schools of thought are teaching the Islamic view regarding Jesus's crucifixion, thus you are supporting and believing in the Islamic faith and doctrine. I know this because I once upon a time believed this too.


We are NOT God, we are His children! None of us are almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent nor omniscient! Can you see what a massive collective ego problem there is with people believing they are purer than Jesus Christ, God's incarnate self who died and ascended into heaven? Can you see how these 3 technologies work? There are two reasons, from my perspective, why so many people have bought into Satan's lies and that is because either they have NOT read the Bible, which a number of people have already openly admitted to me, or have tried but due to blocker, scramble and splitter mind control tech, it was impossible. People then rebuke our Supreme Father and Jesus Christ and run straight into the arms of the false father and King of Tyranny by supporting a Luciferian doctrine because of ignorance regarding the Living Laws our Supreme Father gave to Moses. (I'm acknowledging at this point that although I haven't taken fully into account the impact of spiritual abuse on rejecting Father, I am fully aware of its impact but have chosen to write about this in a separate article.)

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the 10 laws that were given to us, yet we live as if they NEVER existed or as if we need an engineering degree to understand them. We naturally KNOW them in our heart, but do we PRACTICE them? My point is, regardless of our faith we know what is right and wrong, yet we will still bend or omit the truth. In your mind and heart, you envy what others have, some of you may even be cheating on your partner or spouse. You know it's wrong, but you still do it. Why? This is the question that helped me gain a deeper understanding regarding these 3 technologies and gain a better handle on accepting the fact that unless we truly understand the nature of our Father's laws and why we need to be educated in spiritual warfare, we'll never truly be free to shield ourselves from the incessant mind control attack because of the presence of these implanted technologies. 

How do we get rid of these? Through prayer and being aware of our

behaviour daily. Every day ask our Supreme Heavenly Father is Jesus's name to reveal to you the truth He wants you to know now so that you can be set free to get as close to Him as you possibly can in 2019. Invite the undefiled Holy Spirit of our Sovereign Creator to saturate every part of you and your life so that you can be set free to truly live as a sovereign soul directed by the Holy Spirit within us - Our Supreme Father's will working through us. Prayer is our most important daily affirmation, thus the more we repeat to ourselves the Sovereign Promises of God in the form of repetitive prayer, the freer we become, faster! When we are occupying our minds with thoughts of God's promises, there is no room for the mind control booby traps to hijack our minds any further. Our Father's armor IS OUR ULTIMATE PROTECTION. The ONLY protection we need, not white bubbles, violet flames nor mirrors or dimensional shields. Only God's armor is required. How awesomely simple is that?! 

I'd like to invite you to make use of my FREE Sovereignty Prayer Warrior platform on my websiteand also on Facebook. I have put together awesome and simple prayers of sovereignty inspired by God's Sovereign Promises stated in the Bible. 

On that note, I'd like to also take this opportunity to announce that this is my final farewell to the new age community and all that comes with it. Father has shown me what He wants me to focus on and I'm following His instruction. Thus this is also the final chapter in my Sacred Chronicles of Aurora series and will end on the 18th of February 2019. My work going forward is as a Sovereign Soul, conducting Planetary Prayer Warrior Projects and working closely with people whom Father sends to me who have chosen to leave the new age and satanism. This includes working with suicidal teens. I'm loving the feel of this new direction and will make further announcements regarding my developments in 2019. Thus my aurora online academy will now house all my "Sovereign Soul" courses and workshops. My website will host all my Sovereignty Prayer Warrior work along with my Spiritual Detox challenges happening throughout the year.


In closing, I want to thank everyone again, whether friend or foe, who has traveled with me, and although I am feeling amazing on the inside it has on occasion been very challenging to manage the anger that arises in me when people show their true colours and think its okay to attack my changes and stand up for the imposter spirits we call ascended masters. No matter how much "good work" they did, and no matter how much they apparently have helped us, at the end of the day they LIED and deliberately took us further away from the truth about God. They kept us and continue keep people DEPENDENT ON THEM, not God. I'm telling you this because it's naive to think that we can justify these imposter spirits actions. We are also naive to think that because we now believe in Jesus Christ that suddenly our true feelings and emotions will magically go away and that we will never again feel anger or sadness again. Its normal to feel anger and other emotions, which is why I pray daily that Father please fill me with the tolerance and patience to treat my fellow brothers and sisters with the same patience and tolerance He showed me as I made my way back home. This doesn't however always work, and although I am reborn within my Christian faith, there are still days I want to Sparta kick a few dumb-asses, like me old new age self, into the next stratosphere, and I've accepted shamelessly that it's okay to feel that way about people at times, as long as I don't hang out there! Face your true feelings and move forward free of them by surrendering your will to you Supreme Creator to guide you. I vent to Father and ALWAYS feel better afterwards because He helps me put my feelings into perspective, AND guides me to work more closely with the areas of myself and my life requiring more patience from me. NEVER does He put me on a guilt trip. He guides me, I do as He says and that's how things get sorted out safely and permanently.


If 2018 was the year you could not wait to see the rear end of, then hanging out with our Supreme Father during 2019 might be the place you need to be. Put it on and see how it feels for yourself! 

2019 is the year we come to taste the power of the undefiled Holy Spirit in ways that will certainly change us permanently. Let the Living Light of our Living Father's Love lead you. Thus my prayer for you for 2019 is that every part of you, your family and your bloodline taste the truth of our Sovereign Father's love, mercy and grace in ways that will irrevocably anchor, lock and seal into your soul and spirit faith and trust in our Father for eternity. I look forward to sharing more with you in 2019 from the Living Heart space I occupy within Supreme Father's Living Law and His manifested self, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Much love,

Michelle Manders xxx

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