3 Mind Control Technologies

Updated: Mar 12

Because of how I have grown in the Lord since first writing this blog in December 2018, I have deleted most of it but have kept this portion of information because many people are benefiting from the description and understand the simplicity of the explanation.

.....I have identified these three primary mind control technologies as Blocker Technology, Splitter Technology, and Scramble Technology.

Blocker Technology: This I encounter as a full-on block within the person's mind to accept anything outside of the mind-controlled doctrine that keeps their closed-loop finite living system going. No matter what you say and no matter how much proof there is there is a massive block preventing acceptance of the truth. This was a big one I carried for the 25 years I served Satan's agenda in the new age. This blocker tech behaviour is found in ALL people practicing a false religion/living in a deceptive worldview, not just people in the new age. 


Scramble Technology: This I encounter as people experiencing overwhelming confusion or information overload so intense that they either can't retain truthful information or for them, it's just too complicated to accept, no matter how simple it appears to others. They feel inwardly scrambled, confused and irritated by the truth as it attempts to reveal itself scrambling how they feel and what they want.

Splitter Technology: This I see working in every part of society, and as with the other two technologies, in everyone regardless of gender, race, culture or age. This shows up as the things that split us apart from the truth, the technology that splits us from sovereignty and from truly knowing our real Father. This is also the technology that splits up loving relationships, families, groups, communities, and countries. 

In the New Age community, I see the Splitter Technology heavily loaded in the erroneous belief and the primarily big mistake we made thinking and believing we are God. We were created in His likeness but we are NOT God NOR are we equal to God. God is PURE and SINLESS. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the only PURE human in existence and pure enough to give of His vital life force (blood) and clear the sin slate and sit at the right hand of God. How arrogant of us to believe that we are purer than God Himself or pure enough to take Jesus's place at His right hand? Sounds a bit like what got Satan kicked out of heaven in the first place don't you think? Yet, this is what everything that falls under occult/new age is teaching - I am God. You are NOT God, I am NOT God, and in order to be truly free, we must take some time to digest this and recognize that some new age schools of thought are teaching the Islamic view regarding Jesus's crucifixion, thus you are supporting and believing in the Islamic faith. I know this because I once upon a time believed this too.


We are NOT God, we are His children! None of us are almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent nor omniscient! Can you see what a massive collective ego problem there is with people believing they are purer than Jesus Christ, who died, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven? Can you see how these 3 technologies work? There are two reasons, from my perspective, why so many people have bought into Satan's lies and that is because either they have NOT read the Bible, which a number of people have already openly admitted to me, or have tried but due to blocker, scramble and splitter mind control tech, it was impossible. People then rebuke Father God and Jesus Christ and run straight into the arms of the false father and King of Tyranny by supporting a Luciferian doctrine because of ignorance regarding the 10 Commandments our Supreme Father gave to Moses. (I'm acknowledging at this point that although I haven't taken fully into account the impact of spiritual abuse on rejecting Father, I am fully aware of its impact but have chosen to write about this in a separate article.)

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the 10 laws that were given to us, yet we live as if they NEVER existed or as if we need an engineering degree to understand them. We naturally KNOW them in our heart, but do we PRACTICE them? My point is, regardless of our faith we know what is right and wrong, yet we will still bend or omit the truth. In your mind and heart, you envy what others have, some of you may even be cheating on your partner or spouse. You know it's wrong, but you still do it. Why? Because the seed of sin is a part of