Crystal Healing Deception & Dangers

In my former New Age lifestyle I was big into crystals. I owned a crystal shop and was one of the first healers in South Africa back in 1997 to use crystals in massage. I used crystals in my practice for the full 21 years of my New Age career and believed they have incredible supernatural power. I used them for physical, emotional and mental healing, personal physical and spiritual protection, amplification of energy, clearing the aura, energy balancing, clearing negative energy from and to balance the chakras, to build energetic grids around a person

Me holding my crystals for a photo shoot for a magazine.

and make earth grids similar to mandalas, but with crystals. I placed crystals around my home and under my and my children's beds to ward off evil, put them in my bra for personal protection, at the gates at the entrance of my property and on the doorframe coming into my house so that people with "bad energy" would flee! I also placed them in my and my pets' drinking water to serve as higher energy vibrations being consumed in their and my body and clearing the water of bad vibes because of the lack of proper filtering and negating the effects of fluoride and other nasty stuff lurking in municipal water. I gave certain crystals to my children to hold whilst studying and writing exams so that they could retain what they were studying and excel in their exams. I also placed them around fruit and veggies to keep them fresh; I basically worshipped them and viewed them as awesome and couldn't live without them. They were my god! I had a massive collection of crystals and believed because they can receive and transmit energy, they were the ultimate in my metaphysical tool kit. I also studied the metaphysical properties of crystals and was a walking encyclopedia based on all my metaphysical knowledge and as a result, called myself a Crystalologist!

Me holding my crystals for a photo shoot for a magazine.

I held crystals whilst meditating and channelling, as well as placing them around my computer for protection from the energy emitted by computers, and around vision boards I had made in order to strengthen my intention in my application of the Law of Attraction to attract what I wanted in my life. I used them in New Moon and Full Moon spells, rituals and ceremonies and Love and Relationship spells on behalf of my clients. I was using them to practice witchcraft and divination because I used crystal pendulums to ascertain energy levels in people's chakras, in other words, to ascertain if a particular chakra was open, closed, overactive or underactive energetically, as well as for "fortune telling" by asking the pendulum questions and receiving answers based on how the pendulum swung. I would hold crystals and "programme" them with thoughts and intentions pertaining to the specifics of a project I was leading and place them at sacred sites around the world I was travelling to and bury them in the earth at such places too believing they were harnessing earth energy, and what I had "programmed" into the crystal would either support or thwart an earth energetic ley line, Stargate, portal or grid according to what my "Ascended Master Guide" had channeled through me, and applying the information they had instructed me in.

I was sooo deceived, and according to scripture, once I became a Christian, through bible study, learnt that I was an abomination in God's eyes during my New Age life because I was idolizing His creation and expecting it to do for me and my family what ONLY He can do. I truly didn't know any better as is the case with most New Agers involved in the same practices, but this didn't dilute the fact that I was practicing witchcraft, idolatry, occultism, divination, sorcery and magic. And as a professional channel for 21 years, a numerologist and astrologer for the remaining 10 years of my career, according to scripture, I was doomed! "Idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy,