Come to Me! REST!

Over the past few months it's been a wild ride with the Lord. So much has happened that it will take me hours to write it all out. All glory and praise to Him for how everything has turned out and for the miracles He has worked in my family. What I will, however, say is that the Lord has as always been faithful and today, after months of prayer and petitioning, He revealed to me what part of my destiny is. The destiny He wrote for me in my Book of Life in heaven. I believe this breakthrough has come also due to words He spoke into my mind recently, which were; "study up on the Courts of Heaven." What I discovered was incredible. Needless to say I dove into the information and proceeded to apply what I learnt and today He began speaking to me in a new way. Words of Wisdom and Encouragement for me and for you!

This is the time of the year where we feel like we're running on the last of our reserve tanks. In South Africa where I live we are seeing destruction and change taking place affecting every one living here. Floods in some areas and drought in others. For the first time South Africa is experiencing major tornado's. Every day we are challenged with blackouts for hours on end due to the negligence of those in power and squandering resources. Bribery and corruption are being exposed at every corner. Every citizen is impacted by what is happening in their country and feel the world's collective desperate cry out to the Lord for rest, justice and peace.

New Zealand is reeling from the impact and devastation of the recent volcanic eruption which took the lives of 6 people and seriously injured many others. Protests in Hong Kong. Terrorist attacks in London. Bush fires in Sydney, the Amazon Rain Forest and California. Economic Crises. Famine. Disease. The list goes on. For many there is no rest because where they live is a war zone. Christians are being slaughtered daily in some countries, churches destroyed and biblical truth ousted. We are living in the end times and need the Lord now more than ever, not just for protection, but for strength and rest.

The Lord gave me two separate messages, which I am including here. May the Holy Spirit fill you and may the these words from the Lord touch you and give you peace and rest. All Glory and Praise to God Almighty, Yehushua and the Holy Spirit for these words of comfort and encouragement.

Come to Me

Come all ye faithful in praise and worship.

Ye faithful one's raise up thine hands in thanksgiving.

Weary your woes have made you.

Drop them at the foot of the cross and turn thine eyes to me, your God Almighty.

I will rescue you from slaughterous vipers and I will raise you high above the satanic altars of thine enemy.

I AM your Lord, I AM your Saving Grace, I AM the Alpha and the Omega and shall never forsake you.

Come to me, for Mine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory for all eternity.



Dual nations are before me.

Choices must be made.

Whom do you serve, God Almighty or the Knave?

Lay down your weary head in the manger like Yeshua and rest your wounded mind in my lap.

My bosom is your comfort as I stroke your hair and remove your pain.

Slumber now peacefully and know I am your Father.

I take away your weariness and give you strength anew.

The Knave will surely perish and my rested children will rise victorious.

Rest on me and I will give you peace.

Put you faith in Me and all will be conquered through the Lamb and the Lion of Judah.

Victory is already yours for He has battled and won.

The Knave shall be a slave to torment and darkness for eternity.

In Me joy and peace will reign in you for eternity.

Rest my weary children, the battle is won.

It's not long now and you shall rise victorious upon the chariot of the Lamb and Lion of Judah.

Be still and be with Me in the secret place where I quench your thirst, your hunger and refresh your weary spirit.

For I AM your Father, God Almighty and I AM with you!


Much love,

Michelle Manders

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