Channeling - Glam Demonic Possession

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

New Age Channeling has become super popular and just about ever Dick, Tom and Harriet is becoming a channeler either speaking to dead loved ones or dead celebrities, ascended masters, angels, spirit guides or "friendly star/alien beings." Some even channel their own or other people's pets. But, do you know for certain who these beings are that are being channeled? Are they really "good guys"? Do you know what happens when a person channels and what it actually means to channel? I was a trance channel for 21 years, so let me disclose the lowdown on what's actually happening. You cannot afford to not discern this very dangerous practice.

Let me start off by saying when I first began channeling in 1996 and devoted my life, children and career to the New Age Religion I reacted vehemently to anyone pointing out to me that what I was doing was demonic and a satanic practice. I defended my "guides" and "beloved ascended master teachers" tooth and nail. Woe to anyone who tried to convince me that what I was doing was not of God. Woe to anyone who told me the Bible deems what I was doing a grievous sin. Why did I react this way? Because I wholeheartedly believed I was serving God and coming against Satan and his minions' evil world agenda in spiritual warfare. The beings I channelled promoted love, peace and prosperity ad nausea. They encouraged egolessness, patience, integrity, honesty, forgiveness and taking full responsibility for our actions and behaviour. I wrote and ran workshops and courses led by the beings I was channelling as well as leading large groups of up to 45 people at a time for a stretch of 2 weeks with each group to sacred sites worldwide conducting personal and planetary chakra upgrades, DNA and Lightbody activations and upgrades, restoring and activating star and planetary portals and rectifying and "healing" planetary grids. In 2008 I began studying medieval astrology and within a year I was teaching on the subject and was very successfully gaining new clients and writing my own courses on the subject - "upgraded information" channeled to me by my "Master Guide" - my male "Ascended Master Guide," Kuthumi, and my other "Master Guide," a female - Mary Magdalene. The body of work they channelled through me was phenomenal. The first major project was given (channeled) to me in 1998 and by 2017, when I stopped channeling, I had an incredible library of information which had been growing by the month.

When I channelled I submitted to the ascended master I was channelling allowing them to enter my body and take over. I became passive. My voice literally changed as did my mannerisms. This changed according to every ascended master, god or goddess I willingly allowed to use my body. Different being different accent, tone and mannerism. It was incredible to see and I was proud of what a talented channel I was, especially after 21 years of doing it and the steady stream of compliments and reassurance I would receive about how good and clear a channel I was. I spiritually prostituted myself to these thugs whom I gave permission to invade my body and deceive and manipulate thousands of people. I now shudder at the thought of what I was actually doing. Every one attending and listening to my channellings were entertaining what I call GLAM (glamorous) DEMONIC POSSESSION! I WAS BEING DEMONICALLY POSSESSED and everyone, myself included, thought is was awesome and from God! These imposters were excellent in their ability to cause and use emotions and feelings to manipulate people. I remember clearly on numerous occasions how when I was channelling my "master guide," who calls himself ascended master Kuthumi, anger would rise up in me when he would get impatient and angry with some of the people he was speaking to through me. Not my anger, his! I often wondered why, if he was teaching patience and love, would he get so angry and impatient with the people he often told he loved and cared about. I now know it is because demons are not patient and loving! I was always conscious of the emotions coursing through me when I channeled and could hear them speaking through me as if I was watching a movie. They DID NOT practice what they preached! There was NEVER any long lasting peace. There was a steady regurgitation of the same old honey-coated garbage promoting love, peace and forgiveness. ALL FAKE and TEMPORARY. Ironically, it was my frustration with this constant regurgitation of the same old, same old and my questioning it that led to God stepping in and in June 2016 revealing to me that there is a Good God and an evil god and that most of humanity is worshipping the evil god without realizing it. By August 2017 He had revealed to me the truth regarding my channelling and who the ascended maters truly are. For more on this you can watch the videos I recorded in early 2019 regarding this. Please click on the "Know Thy Enemy" link at the end of this blog to watch them, should you be interested. Please bear in mind that I have grown hugely in the Lord since recording these videos and when He gives me the go ahead I will be recording and publishing updated ones. For now I am following His instruction by writing about this.

Me becoming a channel and falling for the New Age lie was because I was seeking God in the wrong place. I prayed to God, negotiated with Him, made promises I never kept and thought I had a relationship with Him. I went to Sunday School and youth groups until age 15. I attended a Convent for the first 6 years of my schooling. I knew Jesus Christ existed, but never gave Him much attention, nor did I have a one-on-one relationship with Him. I had never truly encountered the power and might of our ONLY Saviour and Redeemer. I never even knew the Holy Spirit existed, never mind have a relationship with Him. I was incredibly deceived thinking that I had a relationship with God. I didn't. I'd never had any kind of experience with Jesus Christ or the Holy Sprit. At the age of 15 I played with a Ouija board with my mom not knowing that we'd opened demonic doorways, I went to psychics and soon became obsessed with the supernatural. At age 23 I started reading Tarot cards, bought my first crystals and became more and more fascinated by the supernatural world sinking deeper and deeper into it not for one second realizing that I was "a frog in a kettle" slowly being boiled without realizing that I was being cooked! I was an avid "creative visualizer" thanks to Shakti Gwain's "Creative Visualization" book and began experiencing what I now know are demonic false signs and wonders. I was muttering affirmations which I had learnt from Louise L. Hays' book "You Can Heal Your Life," which led to me being able to muster up the courage and confidence to divorce my abusive husband at the time. I believed fully I was in charge and that God/the Universe was on my side because things were improving in my life and I was seeing success unfold in seemingly miraculous ways. At that stage I did not know that Satan and his demons perform false signs, miracles and wonders and that they provide riches and success - at a price! Remember, satanic forces can give powers, but not for the reason the ignorant person thinks.

The first channelled material I listened to was a being by the name of Lazarus and a few months later I got to experience a live ch