Breaking Free!

I am delighted to be finally sharing this 10-week course with you!

Did you know that God's people have lived under huge oppression, and it's no different today. Christians are in strongholds, many not even realizing it. Mental and emotional oppression destroys, corrupts and wastes away the lives of many a believer. It's time to break free from these strongholds and witness the Lord raise His army and destroy the enemy's plans to steal, kill and destroy the lives of the weak and poor, the oppressed and broken-hearted. It's time to set the captives free under the authority and command of our King Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The Lord used this course to help me see the strongholds I was in and with His help and guidance through the daily homework the course requires us to do, I was blown away by learning about how easily we get caught up in strongholds and also, how easily we DON'T recognize these strongholds even being there! There are five main strongholds addressed in this course which when understood lead to much needed breakthrough and releases us to experience the five joys we are then truly able to enjoy with the Lord. The 5 strongholds we delve deeply into are UNBELIEF, PRIDE, IDOLATRY, PRAYERLESSNESS, & LEGALISM. It will blow your socks off when you realize the five barriers to true freedom blocking you from experiencing the abundant and effective Spirit filled life God planned for you. The joyful gifts we experience as a result of being set free from these limiting barriers is the gifts of KNOWING GOD & BELIEVING HIM, EXPERIENCING HIS PEACE, GLORIFYING HIM, ENJOYING HIS PRESENCE & FINDING SATISFACTION IN HIM! These are gifts that will change your life because you allowed the Lord to set your captive heart free.

Take this 10-week journey with me and experience first-hand the Lord's love, faithfulness and gentle nudging and conviction where necessary which leads to the freedom you so deeply seek.

This course is written by Beth Moore and presented by me, Michelle Manders. Click here for the latest uploads. Begin with the Introduction Session video and make your way through each week and day of the week as indicated on my website on the Breaking Free page. Each new week begins with an introduction session and then followed by 5 days of bible study homework. It's the 5-days of homework that make the biggest impact as the Lord takes you through what He reveals to you each day. Some weeks are smooth sailing, whilst others are a little more intense depending on what the Lord heals you through. It's soooooo worth it. If the need arises I will consider, God willing, arranging a weekly (Saturday morning) online zoom get together for course participants in a group as support to chat about what the Lord is revealing to you and your break free progress. Please e-mail me on if you would be interested in participating in an online chat group.

God bless,

Michelle Manders

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