Bill Gates to Hell

Updated: Mar 12

Since first finding out about the dangers of vaccines back in 1998, I have been against them. Unfortunately, when my first son was born in 1986 I didn't know what I came to know 12 years later. Just how dangerous vaccines are. Fortunately, I didn't complete the vaccination programme and my son only had a few of them, however, it was enough to affect him so much so that when he began school the effects were discovered. He was displaying mild autistic tendencies, which he still lives with as an adult, and has a compromised immune system. His compromised immune system led to umpteen ear, nose and throat infections as a child, and eventually, at age 15, he had such a bad strep throat infection it led to Rheumatic Fever. In 2000 my second son was born and in 2004, my twins. Thanks to what I had learned I never allowed them to be vaccinated and they are in good health. Vaccines are poisonous, period! I plan to explain in detail why I believe this and share my views on the billionaire human culling globalist behind what I and many others believe is a massive set-up to force every person on earth to be vaccinated. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and get stuck in with me. There is a lot of very informative and valuable information to read and video's to watch if you follow ALL the links I provide here. Be sure to go through them all so that what I'm writing about makes sense and you can truly see the point I and many others are making, and the truth being exposed. It's taken me many hours of research to make sure I'm giving you info from credible sources. I know it's a lot to digest, but it will be worth it. You may want to give this blog a quick read through once and then get stuck into the video and article links. Switch off the TV and look into this and see where the Lord wants to lead you with this knowledge. We need to know what's really happening and what we're about to be forced into. Fascism is our future.

Our current covid-19 issue has people praying, begging and pleading for a vaccine to "save" us from the deadly virus and Bill Gates is punting and pushing for this big time. Before you jump in and say a huge yes to the jab, let's take a look at what vaccines contain and how they affect the human body. I encourage you to share this information with your friends and family who may not know these facts. Check out this comprehensive list of ingredients in our vaccines which, by the way, include aborted foetal cells and the cells of humanized mice. Here are a few facts about vaccines you might not know. There is a plethora of medical evidence proving that vaccines cause autism in children, and if you, like some, say it cannot be proven, then read this. I witnessed and dealt with the learning disabilities and compromised immune system of my eldest son who was vaccinated. My 3 younger unvaccinated children never had any of these immune system issues. At age 34 my eldest son still struggles with hives and other skin rashes, as well as gastrointestinal issues and allergies. If you have vaccinated children suffering with these issues, or yourself, and you were vaccinated as a child, this is highly likely the cause of the health challenges you or your children have been dealing with.

What's in a Vaccine?

"But we're not kids," you might say, "so what has this got to do with adults refusing a covid-19 vaccination?" Based on what the ingredients are in vaccines - aborted foetal cells, humanized mouse tissue (see video insert under "Gates to Hell" heading further down) mercury, formaldehyde and aluminium, to name just a few in a long list, I refuse to believe and accept that vaccines containing these ingredients are ordained by God or God-sent, and stand by my belief that they are satanically propagated, which I will expound upon as I write this. Before you roll your eyeballs out of your head or call me a conspiracy theorist spreading fear and disinformation, hear me out. God wasn’t a fool when He created us. We weren’t created lacking an immune system, so why have we become so comfortable messing with His creation? Why are we injecting poison in addition to foetal tissue, and animal tissue into our bodies to be more “healthy"? We don’t even know the implications on our DNA. Here is absolute proof that foetal tissue is used in vaccines. Watch this 9,5 minute excerpt from Steven Plonkin's 9-hour deposition admitting under oath that not only is foetal tissue used, but also tested on orphans and mentally challenged adults. Steven Plonkin is known as the Godfather of vaccinations, he's an atheist and has an issue with any person of faith refusing vaccination. Here is a 7,5 minute excerpt where he admits under oath that animal tissue is used in vaccines and confirms he's an atheist. Watch until the end. Click here if you would like to watch the full 9-hour deposition which came about due to a mother refusing to vaccinate her child because of the human aborted foetal tissue used in vaccines.

Do you want to know more? I urge you to read Dr. Suzanne Humphries' information about vaccines on her website which contains some video's too. On