Attitude of Gratitude

Updated: Mar 12

It feels so good to be sharing and growing in faith with you as we are again reminded of how

GOoD our Father God is to us!

In troubled times we often find it difficult to give thanks to God for everything He has already done for us and for the fact that He is carrying us through our storm. During these times we are to focus on Faith and Trust, by placing faith and trust in Him that He is Almighty and taking care of business, thus we can be grateful for this! This is an opportunity to shift our focus away from our problems and back on the Lord who saves, protects and provides for us, no matter our situation. Thank God for this!

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned believer or newly saved it is vital we are reminded as often as possible of how powerful it is to give thanks to the Lord for everything great and small He is doing in our lives, and regardless of the season we are in. It is essential we don't limit our praise and thanksgiving only to the times when things are going well. When we thank Him in advance for all He is doing which we can't see and that we have faith and trust in Him to take us through any season, we are declaring a powerful act of faith, which the Lord responds to immediately and the enemy flees from! God's timing and our timing are very different, however, God ALWAYS delivers according to His will and plan for our lives, and in this we must trust and be thankful! Think of how many times you are grateful that the Lord did NOT give you what you were praying for because He knew better for you or had something much better planned for you.

God knows exactly what we are facing and also knows exactly what is weighing heavily upon our hearts and spirits and will go ahead of us and turn every bad situation into a good outcome - in His favour, so we need to trust Him in this and thank Him for knowing what we need even before we figure it out. We are encouraged to show love and respect to our Creator through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit by trusting He is faithful and reliable, thus He will make straight every crooked pathway and fight every giant on our behalf. Give thanks for this!

How often have you witnessed situations that could have gone horribly wrong if it was not for the Lord's intervention? Think of the sin you were dying in until the Lord stepped in, convicted you, forgave you and set you free. Be grateful for this!

Whether you have adult children or little children when we pray to the Lord to protect them, He does! Be grateful for this! Give thanks to Him that He is working on unsaved children, family and friends and that He has promised He will snatch them back from the fire before it's too late. He has promised "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved - you and your household." Acts 16:31 (NIV). Be grateful for this and never stop praying for your children, spouse, family and friends, especially unsaved or "lost" children. We as mother's, our prayers for our household are powerful when we TRUST, have FAITH in the Lord that HE WILL do this and give thanks to Him that it is done! Remember, as women, we have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to set the atmosphere in our homes. Don't stop praying and never stop giving thanks to the Lord every day for the great and small things He is doing for us ALL THE TIME!

Have a blessed Holy Spirit day.

Michelle Manders

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