Are You Really A Believer?

Updated: Mar 12

How can I even think of comparing unbelief to a deadly virus like corona (covid-19)? Because it's TRUE! Unbelief has destroyed the lives of more people on this earth than all the killer viruses combined. Unbelief steals, kills and destroys souls every day, yet very few pay attention to this killer.

You call yourself a believer in God, BUT do you BELIEVE Him? Do you BELIEVE His word? Do you BELIEVE what He has promised all believers? Do you BELIEVE what He says? Do you call yourself a believer yet speak death and failure over your life daily by complaining and focusing on what is wrong in your life according to you and then blame God for the misery, lack and emptiness in your life? Early into my walk with the Lord He took me through a massive test in faith. Not fun when you're young in your walk with God. But I will never regret it because I have come to understand what it means to truly have faith in Him and BELIEVE Him.

The Lord saved me out of the New Age religion after serving in this demonic kingdom for 25 years. I was a leader in my field and practiced as an astrologer, teacher, counselor and a successful channel. I traveled the world leading groups to sacred sites and spoke at international conferences promoting the "Divine Feminine," DNA and Lightbody Activations & Upgrades" "Earth Work" and "Ascension." I was interviewed on radio and television and influenced the lives of thousands of people during my 21 years practicing primarily as a channel to ascended masters, who are in fact demons - the spirits of the dead Nephilim who are deceiving the world under Satan's rulership and grooming people to willingly hand their bodies over for possession by these demons. The dead Nephilim are desperate to inhabit bodies again. This is their primary objective. Full possession of willing humans so that they can "be set free" from their captivity. I'm sharing this with you so that you have an idea of how far down the rabbit hole I was and how great God is.

When the Lord revealed the truth to me about what I was actually involved in I was devastated largely because throughout my new age career I FULLY BELIEVED I was serving God! The depth to which I was deceived was incomprehensible, but God moved me by His truth. On the very day I discovered the truth I IMMEDIATELY stopped channeling as I had been for the past 21 years and had to make a very bold move and inform my active client base of approximately 4500 people that I would no longer continue to work as a channel and that the ascended masters whom we had come to know, love and trust were in fact demons. This was not well received and my business unraveled faster than the speed of sound. The Lord, however, was leading me along a very important path of learning, because for another whole year I experienced more of the enemy's deception. (Please listen to my video below for the rest of my story.) I tried my best to keep it under 30 minutes. I have so much to share about the journey the Lord took me on, but it would take 2 hours to share in it's totality! This is a very short version and I have left out a lot of detail. If you have any questions about my full testimony, please contact me through my website.

Because the Lord took me through so much incredible learning I now know, as does my husband, what it means to truly have faith in the Lord and BELIEVE Him. The most amazing part of this is how the Lord keeps on showing me how little seeds of unbelief can be planted by buying in to the lies of Satan and if not addressed immediately, through the Word of God, can lead to a weed forest of unbelief choking the life out of believers IN God who then falsely accuse the Lord of abandoning them, rejecting, denying and forsaking them. Basically calling God a liar. Why do I say this? Because the Lord tells us throughout scripture that He will NOT forsake, desert, or abandon those who love Him and walk in obedience following His instructions. Satan is the Father of Lies, NOT God Almighty! Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (God's Spirit of Truth) CANNOT LIE!!

Believing God to keep us safe, provide for us and protect us through Jesus Christ is the gift God is presenting us all with at this time. Jesus Christ is the ULTIMATE healer, provider and protector. This is the point I was trying to make in my video. How incredible the Lord protected and provided for me and my family. Jesus has defeated death, He has defeated Satan and is giving us the opportunity to come to Him like never before. God knew this day would come. Isaiah 26:20-21 says, "Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until His wrath has passed by. See, the Lord is coming out of His dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed on it, the earth will conceal it's slain no more."

Regardless of the source of the virus. Regardless of the reason behind the demonic powers that rule this earth unleashing this virus on humanity, regardless of the economic collapse we MUST now see the GIFT God is giving us - TIME to get closer to Him! TIME without excuses to learn about His nature through His word. An opportunity to WITNESS His faithfulness, mercy, grace, healing power, provision and protection. BELIEVE Him! Reach out to Him. Call out to Him. Ask Him to show you WHO He is. If you are a believer who has lost faith, ask the Lord to help you restore your faith in His word and incredible nature and BELIEVE that He is doing it. Repent of all unbelief and watch His Hand move in your life.