Age of Evil - Anchoring on 20 December 2020

As a former New Age Channel and Astrologer, and now a Christian, it is important that the Church understand how the enemy works and what their agenda is. In the video below I speak about the incoming Age of Evil anchoring on the 20th of December 2020 and cover what they are doing using the astrological alignment taking place on December 20th, 2020. This content is based on my experience and Satanic knowledge as a former astrologer, which I once believed, and what it means for us. This video is for information purposes only and in NO WAY OR FORM PROMOTES THE USE OF ASTROLOGY. We as Christians are to expose the dark works of the enemy, and knowing what they are up to, stand firm on the TRUE & INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD!

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Have blessed day and may the Lord keep you and your family under the wing of His protection.


Michelle Manders