Chaplain, Christian Counsellor & Personal Trainer, Sean Manders knows well what it takes not only to succeed as a world champion powerlifter, but also what it takes to succeed at life.


After winning the 2016 world championship in Killeen, Texas, his world came apart. Being a world champion meant nothing when all he could feel was an inner sense of failure and emptiness. Filled with dissatisfaction and no direction the rebuilding of his life from scratch began. Sean embarked upon an incredible journey of transformation that has turned his life around; changes that led him to the Lord, and under the loving guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit, a new life and identity has been born in Sean. 

Because of what Sean endured, through the help of the Holy Spirit, he has gained a deep and compassionate understanding of what it takes to make changes that  many might not understand or be unable to support them through. The Holy Spirit's incredibly gentle yet straightforward way of getting to the core of an issue makes every step of the way worthwhile. 


Sean assists, men, women and teenagers under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to navigate the sometimes uncharted territory we find ourselves in. Instead of grappling in the dark in fear and confusion, let the Lord lead you under the guidance of what He has equipped Sean with. 


Sean also assists young, upcoming and profession athletes to reach their personal best by strengthening the mind through focus on the Holy Spirit whilst they strengthen their performance.

Message me on WhatsApp +27844461914 if you're outside of South Africa, and 0844461914 in South Africa, to schedule a chat and see if what I can offer suits you. No formal fee. 

Sean Manders is an ordained Chaplain through SAFReC, South Africa.


The role of a man is often taken for granted as being easy especially with the world projecting all kinds of expectations onto us, often unrealistic ones, leaving us feeling inadequate, a failure, and overburdened. Our wives and children need us, and if there's no wife and children we can often get lost in the "single life" and also feel empty and lost, always searching for something to fulfill us. 

Whether married or single, being a man can be downright depressing and lonely at times, especially when we are putting on "masks" in the morning just to get by. Sometimes the :masks" are left on, we forget who we are and believe the "mask."

I've lived the lie, used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of hiding behind an illusion, to be accepted and look the part of "successful" and on par with my achiever and successful friends, yet a total loser and fraud on the inside. Because of what I endured, I have gained a deep and compassionate understanding of what it takes to die to the fake self and be reborn into the man Jesus Christ created me to be. Only He can get us there. My testimony is proof of this. Without Him I'd either be dead or a deadbeat. 


Brother, no matter what demon you are wrestling, with Jesus Christ by your side you will be victorious. Perhaps you've backslid, or you have a heart on fire for the Lord, but just can't shake that addiction that keeps you in bondage. I am a brother in Christ who knows your pain. Let's walk through this together, with Christ. 


Whatever your battle, I offer an ear and a Holy Spirit filled safe space for you to open up and be set free of the burden of living a life that is less than what Christ desires for you. 

Come as you are! No formal fee.

Sean Manders is an ordained Chaplain through SAFReC, South Africa.