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Metakoi is an ancient Koiné Greek word. It is the plural form of the word metakos, which means “to partake, to partner, to share in”. All people who believe Jesus’ promise of eternal life become sharers, metakoi, in His life which is eternal. In the future Jesus will personally return to rule and reign over earth and all other places. He will share His rule--delegate authority and positions in that kingdom--to His faithful servants. While all believers will be in the Kingdom, only certain ones, the metakoi, will be partners, co-rulers with King Jesus! It is the mission of Metakoi Ministry to be used by the King, Jesus Christ, to raise up metakoi for His glory and their eternal good.

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This free series is so much more than becoming aware of what you say, do and think as a Christian. This series is designed to take you on a journey of inner healing with the Holy Spirit, and led by the Holy Spirit, to set you free from the bondage that triggers beliefs and behaviour you'll be held accountable for. Bondage and beliefs that stand in your way of being able to please God by YOUR FAITH in what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us, His Word, and His character.

Salvation is the first step in our journey to being reconnected with Almighty God, our Source, through Jesus Christ. After that it's the journey of SANCTIFICATION, which takes time and the journey all Christians are to undertake with God through His Son Jesus Christ and His Spirit; the Holy Spirit. Our sanctification journey is a process of maturing and growing in our FAITH in the Lord. This happens as a result of the trials and tests we undergo and OVERCOME through Jesus Christ in our wilderness walk on the way to the Promised Land. 

To find out more about what we'll be addressing throughout this series, please listen to the introduction and preparation videos below and then decide if you'd like to continue. It will be well worth you time! 

Metakoi Ministry offers all it's services and content free of charge. To help us continue doing this we would appreciate you considering sowing a seed into our ministry. Thank you in advance for your support!
God bless and Shalom