Chaplain & Christian Counsellor 






Why am I so passionate about what I do?


Daily, I witness the pain and suffering people endure as a result of the stressful world we live in. Daily, I am confronted by the evil the enemy unleashes upon the mind, will and emotions of the people around me, including my loved ones. Experiencing this level of pain, oppression and suffering in my own life too led me to surrendering fully to the Lord's purpose for my life, which is to serve. I have found that in serving those in need of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit was healing, teaching and guiding me, not to mention the comfort I get from Him too. 


My position as a Chaplain & Christian Counsellor came about as a result of the Lord leading me to address some very painful and disastrous areas of my personal life under His wise counsel.


I met my wife, Michelle, in 2006, in 2010 we made a commitment to each other before getting married in 2013. Before meeting her and during the beginning of our relationship I had no spiritual connection or direction, however she opened spiritual doors for me which added meaning to my life for the first time in my living memory. She was the reason I found God. However, before we came to know the Lord as we do now, Michelle was a new age teacher and group leader. She practiced as an astrologer and channeled "guides and ascended masters" and we traveled around the world leading groups, promoting and teaching new age doctrines. I became very involved in this false religion before the Lord revealed the truth to her resulting in our massive life change. 


Michelle, was involved in the new age for 25 years of her life and I gave 8 years of my life to this lie. In August 2017 she came to me a told me that she'd been shown that the "ascended masters" she'd been channeling were in fact demons and that she could not perpetuate the lie and was closing the doors permanently on her channeling career. It was a shock, but I believed her and so the unraveling of our lives began. She, however, continued practicing astrology until October 2018 when again she came to me and told me she realized that astrology is not ordained by God and was closing that door too. As a result we no longer had an income. In 2016 I suffered from burnout after 15 years of working as a personal trainer in the fitness industry and living life for weekends, partying, drugs and drinking and I eventually sunk into the depression I'd been trying to drink and run away from for as long as I could remember. Michelle had suggested I take some time off of work to regroup and find myself. The original agreed 3 months sabbatical turned into two years as I battled deep depression and feeling totally useless and emasculated as a man because I could not provide for my family. The financial pressure as the sole breadwinner eventually got too much for Michelle to carry and she too had a breakdown which opened the doors for the Lord to step in and take control of our lives. This was and has in no way been an easy transition. In January 2019 we were evicted from our home, our cars were repossessed, had no money, had to sell everything we owned for next to nothing, file for bankruptcy and move in with my ill father-in-law who was mourning the recent passing of my mother-in-law. It was the bleakest time of our lives. 

Throughout our season of change, the Lord revealed His mercy, grace, faithfulness, provision, love and forgiveness to us in unimaginable ways. Daily the Lord brings us closer to Him by proving His faithfulness to us and we are growing stronger in Him everyday by placing ALL our faith and trust in Him and have devoted our entire lives to Him. Placing our lives and the lives of our children in His hands has been the life saving act we were forced to surrender to and has taken colossal faith in the Lord to rebuild our lives. The greatest challenge, I found, was managing the mental onslaught and attacks coming from the enemy attempting to break us down completely, crush our spirits and faith and destroy as much of our will, mind and emotions as he could, including our marriage and relationship with God. The Lord, however, was and is always faithful and with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit I managed to gain the self-control needed to resist the enemy's attacks and through hours of reading God's word, establish a solid foundation in my life enabling the Lord to work his miracles in me, my wife, our children and our lives together.


All of my adult life I was involved in the fitness industry as a very successful personal trainer. In 2008 I won the South African body building championship in my weight division, and in 2016 I won the first Arnold Classic Powerlifting Competition in my weight division in South Africa and took the world title in the same year in Killeen, Texas. It was after this empty victory at the world championships in Texas that forced my personal breakdown and inner demons to show up in my face. For 2 years I was unable to put my foot in a gym, every attempt led to an injury or agitated my depression even further. However, in November 2018 things began to change when my dear friend and fellow brother in Christ, Scott Macintosh, owner of the Yard Athletic in Fourways, Johannesburg, gave me a break and invited me to train at his gym in exchange for supporting his athletes with Holy Spirit directed mental awareness coaching using on them the same program I had developed and was using on myself inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. This powerful resurrection from spiritual death led to me helping others in my new work environment, and now I am practicing full time as a Christian Awareness Coach filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit of our Living God. The Lord has however expanded my reach outside of the gym and beyond athletes and I am now working with men and women of all ages and from all walks of life who are struggling with their personal breakdowns, depression, anxiety and lack of awareness of the source of the emptiness and how the enemy attacks their mind, will and emotions causing havoc in their lives. 

​I am available for Chaplain services and as a Christian Counsellor in person or online. Part of my work also entails, with the help of the Holy Spirit, gently guiding unsaved people, as well as lukewarm Christians into the safety of our Lord's Kingdom. My services are conducted in person in South Africa, or online locally and internationally. For more information please send me a WhatsApp text message on +27(0)84 446 1914 and I will come back to you. I am a Chaplain ordained by SAFReC, South Africa.