Let's Get Real About....

What the New Age Religion is * What it takes to get out * Who is powerful enough to protect you from the demonic attacks that come when you leave * What an authentic Christian is * What the Christian walk looks like and loads more.

Topics covered and questions answered to support those who are new to Christianity and have come out of the New Age religion to Christ. Feel free to post questions in the forum which will be used as content creation for this page or simply send your questions via the contact section.

Let's get real about the truth about the insidious agenda behind the New Age practice of DNA upgrades. What most New Agers do not realize is that this IS part of the New World Order's Satanic agenda to completely alter the human genome so that we will no longer be human. They are replaying exactly what resulted in God flooding the earth and wiping out humanity in the Book of Genesis. Noah and his family were the only ones who were saved - 8 people! This gives us an idea of how far this deception's potential is to spread and hijack people's minds into accepting their agenda as good and possibly how few will see through the deception and believe God! More on this coming soon. I pray this message blesses you and please feel free to share it with whomever the Lord leads you to.

Let's get real about the truth about deception and how sophisticated Satan's magic show is. Let's get real about the lies, the justifications and excuses the enemy makes up which in truth, lead to spiritual suicide, as well as the ridiculous tales he spins to turn people against God and His word and Jesus Christ.  Once a person accepts that deception is real and that nothing in this religion is what it seems when it comes to it's doctrines and empty promises, the scales begin to fall from their eyes very quickly. I pray this message blesses you and please feel free to share it with whomever the Lord leads you to.

Let's get real about the real slave driver that Satan is. Although people experience burnout in all walks of life, I want to address the exhaustion that many experience in this religion that is supposed to bring peace, calm, joy and happiness.  New Age and Self-Help Movement Burnout is one of the most crippling debilitations on offer, and is bought the moment a person enters this deceptive realm. The burnout purchase is not noticed immediately. It slowly creeps up on the person and insidiously begins relentlessly sucking the life out of their soul and lives. I have yet to meet a former New Ager who didn't experience New Age Burnout!

Let's get real about Satan's counterfeit reality being sold as God's Kingdom. The Akashic Records is a energetic library New Agers and occultists claim contain everything about us from beginning to end and also claim that certain "special" people can access and read them. This kind of "reading" is demonic and is placing people in deeper bondage and soul ties with Satan, his fallen angels and demons. We need to accept the REALITY which is that Satan has created a COUNTERFEIT REALITY and misleading millions of people to believe it's holy, loving, good, freeing and where our Living God operates from. All lies! I also briefly touch on the past lives lie. I will, however, record a separate video covering that subject. Enjoy.

LET'S GET REAL about the bondage that comes with astrology. I was a practicing astrologer for 10 years, but had always been "into" astrology for as long as I can remember and was in complete bondage to it. I was trapped in the stars and planets until God saved me and I witnessed God is more powerful than any planet, star, or astrological aspect or transit. As a former astrologer, New Age channel and leader let's get real about why astrology is so bad, especially in God's eyes and why it's bondage rather than freedom.

LET'S GET REAL about what clairvoyant and psychic abilities really are and how people actually get their information psychically. Familiar Spirits move from generation to generation and can influence members of families if there is unrepented sin in the family or, the family is non-Christian. My paternal grandfather was a 33 degree Freemason, which I believe resulted in me being more susceptible to the lures and seductions of the new age and occult. From a young age I was fascinated by the supernatural, so it was so easy to suck me in even though I had some very scary experiences along the way. I was playing "glassy glassy" (what we in SA called a homemade Ouija board) when I was 15, with my mom!! I have no doubt that something attached to me because it wasn't long after that that I tried to take my own life, and things continued to go horribly south for me after that, not that I wasn't having major challenges before that time.

LET'S GET REAL about the differences between the New Age and Christianity. It's time to get real about the truth of who Jesus Christ is. It's time to wake up to the lies the New Age enslaves people in and get out no matter how uncomfortable it gets. The end of this age is rolling in faster than we realize, thus cleaning up our act with God is the MOST important things for us to focus on.  Let's get real about why it's so tough once we become a Christian after leaving the New Age. Enjoy! I pray this message blesses you and feel free to share it with whomever the Lord leads you to.